“Santa Claus” — My Latest Watercolor

Here’s my take on the magic of Santa Claus. One of my greatest childhood memories.

The idea came from my wife Chris’ heirloom childhood Christmas book.

12″ x 16″ Original Watercolor NFS

Special Offer Archival Giclee Prints available in time for Christmas if ordered by Dec. 8.

Archival Giclee prints are available

8.5″ x 11″ $55. US
9″ x 13″ $65.
11″ x 17″ $85.
13″ x 19″ $105.
16″ x 20″ $150.
17″ x 22″ $170.
17″ x 25″ $175.

Shipping is $6.99 per order in USA. (USPS Priority Mail w/ tracking) International and express shipping (via UPS) are actual cost plus $2 (to cover packaging).


21 thoughts on ““Santa Claus” — My Latest Watercolor

  1. Randy,
    The water color of Santa is Sooooooo great! I love it. It brings back so many childhood memories. Thanx for painting it. It was what I needed to see today. It really made my day! You do awesome work! What a gift you have. Thank you again for sharing your gift.

  2. wonderful yet again, Randy. i love the details. he has quite a twinkle in his eye. i love the wink and the shhhhh. it’s like i was up getting a drink of water and our eyes met.

  3. Sorry Randy…really not trying to be jerk. I think it’s because I’m looking at it on my iPhone. Yhe marks above his eye looked like stitches to me, and the ruddinrss on his cheeks looked like blood. Blame it on the small screen! I thought maybe you were trying to make a statement about the commercialization of Chirstmas or something.

    1. @Rich Stephens, No, I understand. I removed the “stitches.”
      I really wasn’t trying to make a statement, but I can see where you could see that—and I’m alright with that, now that I think about it. Thanks, Rich!

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