Search for Best Sandwich in Tampa Bay (#6)

Next! The sixth tasting is the Lobster Roll Sandwich at the Boardwalk Grill at John’s Pass. Gina joined me there. It was a twenty-five-minute drive to the restaurant. I have made Lobster Roll sandwiches at home and also had them at restaurants. And this amazing creation was the best of them all.

The Boardwalk Grill Lobster Roll Sandwich Rating:

Bread – 8

Tender yet crisp crust and soft inside and delicious. Lightly toasted Baguette Bread. This place is a hidden gem and a legit seafood joint. It was a perfect complement to the delicious sandwich.

Ingredients – 9

There were five ingredients. Baguette bread, piles of lobster meat (claw and knuckle) celery, lettuce, and sauce (more below). Simply delicious. It took a while for the food to come out, but it was obvious that it had been prepared to order. The fresh, high-quality ingredients shine. It was my first time at Boardwalk Grill, and it will not be my last. Oh my.

Condiments – 9

A delicious sauce that I later found out is a closely-held secret at this independently owned restaurant—it made the sandwich and melded it together perfectly. The sauce distinguished this and made it so much better than any other lobster roll I’ve ever had. We also ordered an order of hand-breaded onion rings (also the best I’ve ever had) and hand-cut french fries. They were both fresh and amazing!

Service – 8

Great. We sat outside in front of the dock. The view of John’s Pass and people watching were incredible, and it just felt like we were at a legit seafood shack—which we were and which I love. Everyone was friendly, and all smiles in the spotlessly clean and open concept kitchen, and our server Toni was so much fun, professional, and personable.

Presentation – 9

The sandwich was piled high with lobster meat and arranged perfectly in a neat basket along with the colossal onion rings. A server told us the onions are bigger than a softball before they cut and bread them. (See pics).

Cost/Value – 7

The sandwich was piled high with lobster and enough for Gina and me to share. The meal ($31.99), extra side of fries ($3.99), along with a delicious mimosa ($6.50) and spicy bloody mary ($6.50), complete with optional jalapeño juice was $48.98 not including tax and tip. It was definitely one of the most expensive meals yet in our search for the best sandwich. But fresh lobster is not cheap) I am definitely planning to go back.

Ambiance – 9

The restaurant and bathroom were ancient but spotless and welcoming. It was an ancient no-frills seafood joint on a wooden dock and it was perfect. One of my fav places yet. Definitely, a hidden gem. There are many fancier and splashier restaurants at John’s Pass, but I feel the Boardwalk Grill’s food could not be beaten. We ate inside, and it was socially distanced and comfortable. There was also limited indoor seating.

Final Rating: 8.43

Overall it is a perfectly crafted sandwich that truly melds in your mouth. It is the best Lobster Roll I’ve ever had and it will not be my last at this amazing culinary discovery.

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