The Power of the Campus

Please leave a comment below  (use a bogus/anonymous e-mail address and name) with:

  • Approximate dollar amount of charitable giving 2010 calendar year
  • If a speaker number of people you spoke to
  • Number of children that you, your family or your organization sponsored last year through organizations such as WorldVision, Compassion, etc.
  • Mission trips, etc
  • Any other charitable actions you have done
  • Any other monies you have given, i.e. the Elrods would put the money we spend for Hallowe’en gifts, etc.

4 thoughts on “The Power of the Campus

  1. My friend and I initiated a program that has now sponsored over 3000 children in third world countries.

  2. My family gave over $19,000 in charitable cash contributions and gave another $24,000 in pro bono services. We also support a child in Africa and seven other adult nationals.

  3. My company was responsible for enrolling more than 15,000 World Vision child sponsors.

  4. My family gave more than $40,000 in cash contributions in 2010. In addition, we helped raise more than $18,000 through various social network projects. We sponsor a total of seven World Vision children.

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