The Quest Essentials Handwritten

I am hand-writing the essential ideas of my latest book, “The Quest,” a few sentences at a time. The ideas are invaluable for those 35 and older approaching or in the second half of life. And I wish to make them accessible to as many people as possible. #TheQuestBook

The numbers represent chronological age.
Our life essentials are fluid and may change over time (depending on our choices of expansion or regression).

2 responses to “The Quest Essentials Handwritten”

  1. randy Avatar

    Yes, ha, so true. I look in the mirror and cannot believe there is a 65-year-old staring back at me. But thanks to all the research and the in-depth journeys of “The Quest, I am filled with joy and serenity. If the book and live experience were for no one else, it has been worth it for me. Thanks, David for the encouragement. It means a lot.

  2. David Bunker Avatar

    Good stuff Randy. We are in need of a realistic set of life challenges & directives. The hippie counter cultural boomers thought they would be in their 30’s into eternity. Well how did that work out?