Venice Light — My Latest Watercolor

“Venice Light” — 19″ x 23″ — Original Watercolor

This was from a photograph I snapped at dusk in Venice, Italy a few years ago.

The clouds provide a stunning backdrop to the iconic Venetian lamps.


by Randy Elrod

Limited Edition Giclee Prints on Watercolor Paper are priced as follows:
8.5″ x 11″ $55. US
9″ x 13″ $65. US
11″ x 17″ $85. US
13″ x 19″ $105.
16″ x 20″ $150.
17″ x 22″ $170.
17″ x 25″ $175.

Shipping is $4.99 per order in USA. (USPS Priority Mail w/ tracking)

International and express shipping (via UPS) are actual cost plus $2 (to cover packaging).


15 thoughts on “Venice Light — My Latest Watercolor

  1. the clouds are beautiful. i can imagine the explosion of color that the sunset afforded you as the night was coming to life in the city. thanks Randy, i can always expect something beautiful to come from your brush, your pen, or your mouth.

  2. mmmmm excellent. I slowly scrolled down as the window loaded on my screen…. I saw ripples of water before realizing that the water was actually the sky. If you had bent that lamp in any way, it would’ve clicked as a complete reflection in my mind. Either way, well done. So interesting that you chose pink/red tones instead of yellows/oranges….. Any symbolism there?

      1. hahaha And again you’re not going to tell me! Ok. I’ll bite. Chris was wearing a pinkish/reddish dress when there. No–that seems too easy…

        Red light = red light district…? And there are birds on the lamps. Ravens…? They usually hold a negative/dark connotation. Predators? Waiting to find something. And, of course, this picture was taken at dusk. Maybe it’s a subtle protest against prostitution/trafficking.

        That’s the best I can do. Your paintings are like hide & seek games. Sometimes my songs are like that as well–hidden meanings that are very cathartic. Sometimes the symbols want to be discovered, sometimes they are just for me.

  3. Beautiful! Sure wish I could be back in Venice right now… riding on a gondola and taking in all the beauty. Just missing an opera singer and accordion player.

  4. Well, if I never get to go to see it in person, at least I know I can see it in your paintings.

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