5 Reasons Google+ Kicks Facebook’s Butt—And I’m Giving Away 100 G+ Invites Today!

1. Privacy — So I’m tooling around Facebook and I notice a picture of a friend of mine in an advertisement in the sidebar. I immediately give him a call kidding him about the ad. He asks me what I’m talking about. I say, hey, you’re in an ad for a product on Facebook whether you know it or not.

Yep, Facebook uses you, invades you and exploits you. And you gave them permission. Ignorance is not bliss in the Facebook world.

Google + has extensive privacy settings. You only share what you want with who you want.

2. Hangouts — An easy download of the Google Voice and Video plug-in to your computer and smartphone and you are hanging out with your favorite tribe. Or anyone on Google + who wants to jump in. They don’t have to be in your circles. Don’t like someone, they are abusive, or ruin the conversation—kick ’em out. It’s YOUR hangout. Hangouts are video conferencing on steroids.

Finally, video phone calling like George Jetson made us lust for in the 70’s.

3. Photos — Can you say private? Can you say goodbye Flicker? Can you say snap a photo with your phone and bam! it’s in your Google + photo library — shared only with those you choose? Can you Googles Goggles? Nope, I’m not being redundant—I said Goggles, not Google. Goggles is one of the freakiest, scariest, coolest things I’ve ever seen. Try it. I dare you. Can you say goodbye Facebook?

4. Toggling Between Streams, I mean, Circles — So, we should know by now that customizing circles to share with is reason enough to see why Google+ will kick some serious Facebook butt. Speaking of—BUT, the ability to toggle between streams is glorious! If I want to see what our re:create tribe is saying and doing—simple—just select that recreate stream in the left column. Could the ability to import Twitter lists be next? Ah, we can only hope.

5. Sparks — It gives you the ability to search for stuff on Google + in which you are interested—in a way that we’ve come to expect from Google. Sleek, sexy, simple and fast!

Try Sparks and prepare to be addicted.

Now, if you have not received a Google+ invite (it is still in Beta testing), simply leave a comment and tell me you want a free invite and I’ll send you one pronto. You can thank me later!

Questions: What have I missed? Other features you love? Do you think Google+ will kick Facebook’s butt?

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92 replies on “5 Reasons Google+ Kicks Facebook’s Butt—And I’m Giving Away 100 G+ Invites Today!”

One of my favorite things is that you can choose the circles you want to see your status. So if you have a circle of close friends and only want to update them on something you can…and not everyone else you have in circles. I hope G+ grows because I am really enjoying it…especially the privacy!

Good day Randy, love your site and also reading your tweets…I would love an invite to google+ Thanks and have a blessed day.

Great comments, Randy. Please send me a Google+ invite. I have mixed feelings about its Adoption Rate. Facebook has highly saturated the Market, like Coca-Cola, McDonald’s, Starbucks, etc. The Google+ video conferencing could be a great feature for families.

Thanks for the review. I am a long time read of your blog. Thank so much for the invite!!!

Thanks for the post, Randy! I remember the mass exodus from myspace to facebook. It coincided with myspace expanding their advertising past the obnoxious line. That seems to be a very thin, very dangerous line, and I agree, I think facebook is starting to cross it. Advertising (in a non-intrusive, non-obnoxious way) has always been Google’s greatest strength, imho. Pass me on an invite if you’ve got any left!

Am itching to try Google Plus out. I’ve avoided Facebook because I hate the way it messes about with privacy settings and opts people in to them by default. Would love an invite if you have any left


I am one of the few who refuse to sign up for facebook for many of the reasons you state in your blog. However, I am considering looking into Google+ and would like to check it out. As for my social network, it’s twitter only at the moment but I know I need to expand.

I really like the much cleaner interface of G+. So far, I also haven’t experienced the sort of SPAM that you get from FB, when people want to suggest that you “like” some organization, or talk you into playing some peripheral game, or send a piece of flair. G+ is straightforward, and doesn’t bug you with stuff that you don’t want.

Still not quite ready to take the plunge with Google+…I guess, depending on where you come to it from, you could see it as a Twitter+ or Facebook- (and yeah, much of the – at this point is garbage, but…), and I think the view of Google+ vs Twitter/Facebook is as much about biases toward Twitter/Facebook as what G+ really is.

I’m always about organizing things so I’m all about G+ circles…thing is I already organize using Lists in Facebook. With lists I can control who can see/comment on what, and can do #4 on your list. It’s just that Lists in Facebook isn’t “mandatory” like in G+ and as such not exactly as intuitive (haven’t played much with G+ yet, assuming it is intuitive). I’m glad that, based on your inference, that privacy controls start throttled and you have to open them up as opposed to the automatic “opt-in/fully public” that Facebook does.

To me, Twitter and Facebook are two social networks. They each serve a particular purpose to me, and so neither area going to be “replaced” any time soon. So, for me, G+ is just another social network, and I am not particularly sure I see what “hole” it fills for me. It’s not going to replace Twitter/FB for me and so it becomes yet another thing to “check”/cross-post to/etc, and at this time seems redundant to a large degree. I’m certainly intrigued how it’ll continue to grow within and interact with the Googleverse, but not enough to bother yet.

Like I said, am on there, so no invite needed thanks. Just haven’t had time or inclination to explore.

Randy, very interested in giving Google+ a try, lately I have not been impressed with Facebook and privacy. How many times do we have someone tag us, or post to our wall and then say… man I wish I would have hit ignore on the friend request. Yeah I could shut down the wall, but I do want my “friends” to be able to post!

Plus there has been so much buzz about this Google+ I am just waiting to waste more time on social media:)

Really like the idea of Google voice option…

Thanks for the opportunity to give it a whirl!

Randy — you’ve intrigued the former techno geek in me. My college son is talking about G+ thought I don’t believe he’s tried it yet. — I’d love to check it out, would you send me one please?


I was signed up WAY BACK in another social networking product they tried. Don’t remember what it was called and I guess they scrapped the version I was in. Do you know what that was?

Anyhow, would appreciate an invite.

Looks like there were technical difficulties with the invites. The link you sent me opened an email dialogue to Mike Ritter’s personal email address. I notice he was the first to respond to comment on your post.

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