5 Ways To Be More Creative

Finding a tribe of people that understand who you are is one of the hardest things on earth.

Where you find that tribe, you will discover encouragement, refreshment and inspiration.

A refreshed, encouraged, inspired person is a more creative person.

CEO’s need more creativity.

Artists need more creativity.

Pastors need more creativity.

In fact, everyone can benefit from greater creativity.

That’s why re:create was born.

To gather creatives together.

To refresh, encourage and inspire them.

From a modest beginning of 35 American people in the year 2000 who were looking for this sort of tribe, re:create has now grown to a tribe of creatives from around the world.

re:creators now come from countries as diverse as Lima, Peru; Cairo, Egypt, Jakarta, Indonesia; Liverpool, England; all over Canada and more.

To be with a tribe of like-minded people for four magical days each year.

Four days that are forever life-changing.

So here are 5 ways that re:create inspires you to be more creative:

1. The people — Each year we conduct a detailed evaluation and survey about what inspired attenders of re:create. EVERY YEAR the number one reason is the people. The tribe. Creatives (no matter what field of expertise) get each other. And they need each other. They thrive on each other.

2. The speakers — A hallmark of re:create are the talks that last 30-40 minutes followed by 90 minutes of open dialogue with the speaker. No bully pulpits here.

Speakers that realize they will engage with creatives and defend or explain what they’ve said.

Open, honest conversations with speakers such as Dean Batali, executive producer of “That 70’s Show,” Philip Yancey, author of “What’s So Amazing About Grace,” Michael Hyatt, CEO & President of Thomas Nelson Publishing, Dan Cathy, COO & President of Chick-fil-A, Hugh Hewitt, Blogger Extraordinaire, Attorney and Talk Show Host, Tim Sanders, Former Chief Solutions Officer, Yahoo! and author of “Today We Are Rich,” and many more.

3. The artists — Artists inspire creatives to create. Painters, filmmakers, singers, instrumentalists, poets, comedians, sculptors, photographers and dancers appear every year at re:create. Multi-million selling artists such as Ed Kowalczyk of LIVE, Amy Grant, Michael W. Smith, Third Day, Bryan White and many, many more. Virtuosity and chill bumps are pre-eminent at re:create.

4. The food — No rubber chicken at re:create. From the opening reception to the sumptuous dinners, creatives continue to be inspired by the culinary arts and viticulture. Sacramental times inspire creatives and they are valued and they are celebrated at re:create. No music at meal times at re:create. It’s a time of conversation. And conversation happens best over great food.

5. The conversation — Iron sharpens iron. Creatives sharpen creatives. Americans generally suck at debate, but when they are confronted with stimulating people, speakers, art and food, it’s amazing what happens. Conversation happens. Dialogue happens. Debate happens. Creativity happens. It’s a magical circle.

There are over 50 spots still left for re:create 2012.

It happens Feb. 6—9.

Always the Sunday after the Super Bowl.

If you’ve always dreamed of 4 magical days with a global creative tribe—like YOU—now is the time.

You can still save $200 by registering early bird before Sept.1 AND grab a free prizepak worth over $200.

But only if you register now. Each registrant last year received over $500 of creative swag and meals during the conference and the opening reception are also included in the registration price.

It’s practically free.

Register Now HERE.

Question: If you have been to re:create, what is your greatest creative moment?

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By randy

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The most creative moment of the last three re:create gatherings, for me, was the time of Holy Communion leading into Unplugged Worship with the worship team from 1211 at Gateway Austin. I have never experienced anything like it.

re:create is an incredible time of rest, renewal and art. It is not to be missed.

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