A Few of My Favorite Things Alphabetically…Musicians, Artists, Authors, Food, and Drink After 60 Years of Life

A—Allmans, Amarone, Ambrose, Asparagus

B—Bakewell, Blue Cheese, Berry, Bolognese, Bradbury, Buechner

C—Cabernet, Cahill, Campbell, Clapton, Chicago, Csikszentmihalyi, Caviar, Cognac

D—Decemberists, Desclos, Dostoyevsky, d’Yquem

E—Eagles, Edmundson, Elbow, Emerson

F—Fleetwood Mac, Firenze, Fowles,

G—Gire, Garam Masala, Gelato

H—Heinlein, Hemingway, Hollis


J—Jackson, Jones, Joyce, Jung,

K—King, Krause

L—Lawrence, L’Engle, LeGuin

M—Manchego, Manhattans, McCammon, McCullough, McLachlan, McKennit, Miller, Mykonos, Montaigne, Muir

N—Newton, Nin

O—O’Donohue, Oxford

P—Paris, Piaf, Pink Floyd, Pressfield, Provence,

Q—Queen, Quince

R—Rand, Raspberries, Réage, Rilke, Rogers, Roma, Rosé, Rye,

S—Sade, Sartre, Scott, Serpieri, Short Ribs, Snapper, Steinbeck, Stone

T—Thoreau, Tippett, Tokaji, Tolstoy, Torte, Towles, Twain,


V—van Zandt, Vargas, Venezia

W—Walsh, Warren, Wilde, Wyeth, Wonder



Z—ZZ Top

By randy

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