I am CEO and founder of re:Create Conferences (1999-2017) and the non-profit Creative Community, Inc.

I have a BA in Music from Palm Beach Atlantic University, and for thirty years, I was Creative Arts Director at two of the largest mega-churches in the world.

Since 1998, I have also founded four companies, sold two of them, and worked with people as diverse as Michael Hyatt and Vicky Beeching.

The most meaningful project of my career is Kalien—a fifty-five-acre oasis in the Appalachian Mountains dedicated to encouragement and solitude for the wounded and weary. It is the focal point of my life at this time.

I love writing books, cooking gourmet food, drinking whiskey and rye, savoring new wines, and painting watercolors.

Encouraging others to be who they are is what I’m most passionate about. In fact, I’ve made a pretty cool video about it HERE.

I have completed twenty-five marathons (yep, 26.2 miles each), and once had a bush plane drop me in the wilderness of Kodiak Island, Alaska for a week in grizzly country with only a tent and a raft.

Click HERE for my 2019 Personal Manifesto.

Brief Biographical Sketch

Elrod, Randall G. Male. b. 05/01/1958. Musician, Author, Painter, Entrepreneur. American.

Recipient, Daughters of American Revolution History Award, (1970)
Recipient, Full Tuition Academic Scholarship, Lee University, (1976)
Student Director, Campus Choir, Lee University, (1978)
Honors Recital Finalist, Lee University, (1979)
Recipient, Presidential and Music Full Tuition Scholarships, Palm Beach Atlantic University, (1985-1990)
Bass Soloist, Palm Beach Atlantic University, Messiah, (1988)
National Association of Teachers of Singing Vocal Competition, Finalist, (1989)
Southern Baptist Convention, Indianapolis, IN, Soloist, (1992)
Music/Arts Director, Executive Team Member, Various Churches, TN, AL, FL, (1977-2006)
Creator, Software, Creative Assistant, (1993)
Founder & President, re:Create Conferences, Inc., (1998-present)
Creator, Interactive Recruiting CD-Rom, Visteon Corporation, (1999)
Executive Producer, Brentwood-Benson Music, Perpetual Praise, (1999)
Recipient, Gold Record, Third Day, Come Together (2001)
Creator & Founder, Kalien, (2002)
Presidential Advisory Board Member, EMI-Sparrow Music, (2003)
Recipient, Gold Record, Third Day, Wire, (2004)
Executive Producer, Godspell, Franklin, TN, (2004)
Creator, randyelrod.com, (2004)
Board of Directors, LightenUp, Inc., (2004)
Co-Creator & Speaker, LifeWork Seminars, (2006-2008)
Founder & President, Creative Community, Inc., a 501(c)3 public charity, (2006)
Founder, re:Quest, A Rite of Passage, (2012)
Recipient, Second Place, People’s Choice Artist, St. George’s C3 Art Salon & Festival, (2014)
Author, Sex, Lies & Religion, (2007); Sacred Affection, (2008); Beauty Is Calling, (2008); Letters From A Devastated Artist, (2009)Unspoken Requests, (2013)Ruminations, (2014), A Renaissance Redneck In A Mega-Church Pulpit, (2014); God, I Have A Question…or Two, (2015); Visual Talk, Be Who You Are Not What You Do, (2015), My Confession, (2018)
Resident Director, Kalien Retreat, (2015-present)
Builder, The Hawk’s Nest Artist/Writer’s Cabin, (2015)

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