My Personal Manifesto

I am an encourager. It is who I am at the core of my being.

I value reading deep and wide—time-honored classics, philosophy (with an emphasis on the American transcendentalists and the existentialists), psychology, fiction, biography, and current events.

I do my best to practice the lost art of empathic listening. To fully hear and feel what someone is saying—being present in the moment—without formulating my next thoughts or a response. It’s amazing what you hear when you listen empathically.

I value questions above answers.

I learn best by reading and engaging in dialogue with trusted peers.

I am an entrepreneur. I love to dream. I enjoy turning worthy dreams into reality. I believe that opportunity lies at the intersection of passion and need. I do not enjoy routine or mundane tasks.

I work well leading teams of people—but at this season of life, I work best in solitude.

I can produce results both as a decision maker and as an advisor.

I believe freedom and love are the two quintessential mysteries of the human condition.

The essentials of who I am (physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually) are sensuality, curiosity, intimacy, and freedom.