An Elrod Update (For Those Who Care And For Those Who Don’t)

After seeing out latest social network posts, many of you have asked questions about our current status. Here is a very succinct synopsis:
Gina and I have purchased a delightful (circa 1955) beach cottage three blocks from the Gulf of Mexico in quaint and charming Dunedin, Florida. We have named it Cocomo. We plan to get away regularly to take much-needed breaks from the hard physical work of maintaining our 55-acre BeauChamp Farm, entertaining guests at Kalien’s busy Keefer-Roberts cottage, caregiving for Gina’s 94-year-old father, and riding herd on two wonderful horses. Also, Gina is an extrovert and needs her “buzz”, and the St. Pete/Clearwater area affords the perfect location as her roots there are four generations deep. She is truly a Florida Cracker.
We plan to maintain a residence at our home Rivendell at Beauchamp Farm and continue the fulfilling and rewarding non-profit work of Kalien. I will still offer a limited number of Kalien experiences (for info see:
I am an introvert (believe it or not) and could easily be a hermit and I am also a fifth generation Tennessee hillbilly and need my time in the Appalachian Mountains.
So this decision gives us the best of both worlds. Gina gets her “buzz” and time with old friends in her seaside growing up place and I get my solitude and time with nature at my mountain “stomping grounds”. And happily, we each love our respective homes and have mutual friends (I previously lived in Florida for over thirteen years) and this acquisition allows us the opportunity to honor each others’ emotional needs.
These past three years of carving out a place deep in the wilderness have provided an extraordinary time of healing for me and thus, the prospect of reentering the “herd” of civilization seems far less debilitating.
We plan to offer “Cocomo” our lovely beach cottage on Airbnb when we are not “getting there fast and taking it slow”. If everything goes well, it will become available for guests around August 12th.
With sand in our shoes and snow on our boots, mountain sunrises at Kalien and beach sunsets in Dunedin, at seaside and sky edge,
Randy & Gina
Created by Randy Elrod

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