Articles About The Franklin Police HQ From The Tennessean

Tennessean editor and general manager Mark Cook joined our conversation yesterday. Here is his contribution:

“It is very common for people to come late to the debate then blame the media. This is just a sampling of our stories:”

Thursday, September 14, 2006
Franklin looks to trim a million off police station price
McLendon: ‘Nips and tucks’ may not be worth it
Staff Writer
FRANKLIN — Shelving months of completed design work. Running up thousands of dollars in additional fees. Racking up additional construction delays.
All that to save $1 million or so on Franklin’s new police headquarters, a project that could cost as much as $40 million.
Some say it all could happen as Franklin aldermen scramble to pare the price tag on their proposed Columbia Avenue police station.

Monday, Sept. 11, 2006
Architect: $37 million for new Franklin police headquarters
Building committee must balance city’s wants with citizens’ needs
Staff Writer
FRANKLIN — It was the news architect James Kennon didn’t want to deliver and Franklin officials didn’t want to hear: Land, street improvements and construction of a proposed state-of-the-art Franklin police headquarters could cost $37 million.
The final tally balloons to $42 million when extra money is added to cover potential contingencies in construction, according to the first comprehensive tally of the project, which was recently released.
“I’ve been dreading saying that to you,” Kennon told members of the city’s Building Committee and Mayor Tom Miller during the unveiling of the figures.

Wednesday, May 31, 2006
Police Department budget shoots upward again Request comes loaded with ammo, overtime overages and more
Staff Writer
FRANKLIN — Call the Franklin Police Department’s budget No. 1 with a bullet.
Posting a $12.3 million proposed budget for 2007, the Police Department will likely have the highest overhead of any Franklin city department for the second consecutive year, thanks to rising costs. For example, Franklin police are planning to spend $59,200 on ammunition alone this year — a whopping increase from the $600 spent last year.
And that’s not counting any of the cost of the proposed new Franklin police headquarters, which is still in the infancy stages of creation and has not been assigned any fixed budget figure yet.

Wednesday, May 23, 2007
Mayor wants to scale back $36M police HQ
Redesign affects costs, politically and monetarily
Staff Writer
FRANKLIN — Franklin’s block-long, $36 million police headquarters is too big and too costly for residents’ needs and should be scaled back, Mayor Tom Miller says.
“I’m not interested in saving a few million dollars,” he said. “I’m interested in saving tens of millions of dollars. The facility is probably twice as big as we need. I think we could have a better design.”
Miller’s comments cast more criticism at one of the city’s major projects and one that in recent months has weathered its fair share of debate from architects, city officials and residents.

Sunday, May 27, 2007
Disputed police HQ gets Planning Commission OK
Aesthetics, size concerns still remain for some members
Staff Writer
FRANKLIN — Plans for a new 94,000-square-foot police headquarters are moving forward, despite some planning commissioners’ concerns about the building’s size, scale and cost.
In their regular meeting Thursday, the Franklin Municipal Planning Commission voted 7-1 to approve a site plan for a new $36 million Franklin police headquarters along 5 acres on Columbia Avenue.
Franklin Alderman and Planning Commissioner Pam Lewis voted against the proposal.

Sunday, December 9, 2007
Mayor wants Franklin police HQ vote delayed
Schroer says whatever built on land should have economic impact
Staff Writer
FRANKLIN — Days before a crucial vote to decide whether Franklin’s proposed Columbia Avenue police headquarters project finally goes forward, Mayor John Schroer wants aldermen to delay making any decision for at least a month.
Schroer, a critic of the proposed $36 million project, wants time to make a case for not constructing the three-story, 90,000 building on the now-flattened site near Franklin’s Five Points area downtown.
Instead, Schroer wants to find new land for the police headquarters and use the
8 acres on Columbia Avenue for a project that might spur greater economic development.
“Fifteen years from now we’ll say, ‘Man, we really goofed up,’ ” Schroer said about the city’s plans. “It reeks to me — it screams to me — there’s great potential here. A police station stops that entirely.”

Monday, February 25, 2008
Aldermen face police HQ decision
FRANKLIN — After months of playing “Will they or won’t they?” about Franklin’s city police headquarters, Mayor John Schroer and aldermen finally have to make up their minds about the project Tuesday night.
Aldermen will either accept or reject builder R.G. Anderson Inc.’s $26 million bid to construct the Franklin police headquarters, a 93,000 square foot building that will take up a city block along Columbia Avenue. They meet for a work session at 5 p.m. and will vote on the matter at their 7 p.m. session.
If aldermen reject the bid, Alderman Dan Klatt is warning city officials face increasing the project’s costs and “most assuredly” adding two years to its schedule.
“It will never be cheaper to construct this building than it is today,” Klatt wrote aldermen in four-page memo. “Construction and material costs are escalating at rates from 10 percent to 12 percent per year.”

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  1. Kevin Walters April 29, 2010 at 15:00

    Hey, Randy. Thanks for the shout-out. Here’s a Q & A that I put together about the police headquarters project, culling some quotes and facts from years of coverage. It’s long but I could have written even more. Check it out at my Franklin Sunshine blog;

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