Cataclysmic Things Happen When Social Networking & Reality Collide

Last week my worlds collided. It’s rare to experience what I call a “crack in time.”

Those moments when the world as we know it changes forever.

But last week for five short and beautiful days, my worlds of social networking and reality came together.

I cannot adequately describe the intense feelings last Saturday afternoon in the Celebrity Theatre on the Cruise Ship Century as I stood before 94 human beings that previously had been only pixels and digits.

The re:create Cruise was marketed only through the world of social networking. And somehow, magically, Twitter names and Facebook profiles became people.

People like Idelette McVicker. She was born right into the height of Apartheid in South Africa.

In 1995, after university, she moved to Taiwan and worked as a reporter and columnist. During her first years there, she explored Taipei mainly on her scooter, driving from press conference to interview to outdoor event with a map on her lap. She loved every moment in that city, from slurping fresh noodles at a corner store to dining with the diplomats.

In 1999, she moved to another new continent–this time North America–to marry a Canadian.

People like Sam McLoughlin. A 25 year old writer, musician, and grad student from Vancouver, British Columbia, who likes to write about the intersection of faith, art and pop culture, kinda like Chuck Klosterman and has already climbed Mt. Everest.

People like twenty-something Jared Gilstrap who writes computer software for Air Force F-15 fighter jets. His wife Lindsey is Southeastern University Grad Student who is a groups director for Longleaf and a registered nurse with culture changing dreams.

People like Doug Johns. He is the Lead Pastor of First Presbyterian Church in Brockville, Ontario and he and his wife Yvonne drove all the way from Ontario to Miami for the cruise. A serious runner, Doug intends to enter his first marathon in 2011, before he turns 60!

I could go on and on. 94 extraordinary people with thousands of mesmerizing stories. Watch this 3 minute impromptu interview with the aforementioned Sam on the pool deck of the cruise. It is awesome!

I will never be the same. The inaugural 2011 re:create Cruise was a splashing (ah-hem) success!

Stay tuned here soon for details on our 2012 cruise.

Question: Do you have a great story that happened when your worlds of social networking and reality collided?

By randy

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Chris, It was great to be able to relax a bit on Wednesday and just sit and talk and dream together on the pool deck. I’m so pumped at what your future holds!

And I (like everyone else on the cruise) fell in love with your awesome wife and son.



Pat,You would have been too. You must go next year. If I remember correctly, the whole recreate cruise thing was YOUR idea!!!

This is so true, Randy. I would’ve never gone to Recreate11 if it weren’t for the AMAZING connections to your tribe that I made via Social Media. I was a part of the tribe before I ever stepped foot in that meet&greet. Crazy. But so true!

Funny story that happened today. An old high school friend of mine sent a note to me on FB which said, “Oh my gosh, Michael Hyatt just retweeted your post. That is so cool!!” She had no idea that he’s my uncle, but she follows him on Twitter. I wanted to pretend that I’m just such an amazing writer that Mike would retweet my stuff without even knowing me, but I fessed up instead! Once again, social media connecting the relationship dots!

Is there any such thing as ‘six degrees of seperation’ anymore? If social networking counts, I can say there’s only one degree between myself and most of the world! There’s a blog post for me to think about!

Wow! My Dear is talking now of taking a cruise…maybe the next Re:Create we can do! Looks amazing!

Man, what fun, what fun – we just got home from our own family cruise for 4 days to the Bahamas … I told Chris that it was a good thing he beat me by one referral, because I would’ve been in quite the dilemma, trying to convince every one here that I needed TWO back-to-back cruises!

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