I’m Celebrating Leeland’s New Album “The Great Awakening” By Giving Away 50 Copies Today

I’m so excited to team with Leeland and Provident Label Group on the release of this long-awaited new album. One person on Twitter today described it as “epic.” My personal favorite is “All Over The Earth,” a worship song that I’m sure will permeate the global church. Comment below to win one of 50 free CD’s.

Since the debut of Leeland’s acclaimed Sound of Melodies, the three-time GRAMMY and eight-time GMA Dove Award nominated progressive worship band has become one of the most respected and influential voices in worship music. With its upcoming fourth release, The Great Awakening, Leeland recaptures the essence of its debut album while delving deeper into its spiritual roots; drawing from the wisdom of theologians including Salvation Army founder, William Booth. The Great Awakening, described by band members as an 11-track “worship revival experience,” was produced by Paul Moak (Third Day, Matt Maher) and releases today on Essential Records.

Leeland’s writing and recording process brought together founding members – lead singer Leeland Mooring; brother, Jack Mooring on keys, and drummer Mike Smith – along with new member (and Moorings’ younger sister and bassist) Shelly Mooring, who replaced the band’s original bass player, Jake Holtz. Holtz, the Mooring’s cousin, left the band to serve in the U.S. Army.

Recording every song live-to-tape, this process allowed the bandmates to capture Leeland’s signature energy found in its live performance. It comes naturally as the band members have history with harmonizing and playing together. “When we were kids, our parents were traveling pastors,” Jack Mooring shares. “The three of us would jump in the car with them and lead worship services and revivals.”

Along with the natural rhythms and harmonies that were molded when they traveled the country as a family, recording for The Great Awakening brought a deep sense of musical resurgence and together, the band felt a fresh stirring of both personal and global revival. Leeland feels it captured the passion of the “revival experience” that often occurs during its compelling live set.

The band’s recent visits and concerts around the world, visiting everywhere from Peru to Japan for its support of Food For The Hungry, also inspired and helped shape The Great Awakening. “We’ve all been going through a personal revival in this band,” says Leeland. “We’ve felt God taking us out of a plateau, shaking us up and saying, ‘Don’t cruise anymore.’ That’s where we are; feeling like God wants to bring a great awakening to this generation.”

Over the years, Leeland has amassed tremendous favorable regard within the artist and worship music communities. Fellow artists esteem this collective not just for its ability to create moving songs that inspire and elevate, but also for its transparency, which manifests most obviously in the live setting. “The first time I saw Leeland, I was amazed by how vulnerable they were,” notes revered artist Michael W. Smith. “They are incredibly talented but when they are leading worship, they have the ability to transcend the here and now. They disappear into the worship experience and it’s impossible not to share in the experience when you’re in the room.”

Smith, who tapped Leeland Mooring to co-write more than half of his Stand project continues, “This band has an ability – and it’s demonstrated keenly on The Great Awakening – to make you stop and listen. This is the rare type of album that will make you take a long pause in the middle of your busy day and instantly you’ll feel God’s presence.”

Known for its bold and passion-filled live worship experience, Leeland looks forward to sharing these new songs on the road and personally connecting with people in each of the communities they visit. “A big part of our heart is to invest in the people in each city,” explains Jack. “As our schedule allows, we want to have a church service before the concert and just worship, pray for people, lay hands on people, believe in God for healing and salvation; awakening, basically.” Leeland is on an impassioned journey straight to the heart of God, and they are more than ready to share with the world The Great Awakening.

Leeland will also be part of this fall’s Sounds of Hope Tour with Building 429 and Royal Tailor, which is sponsored by Food For the Hungry.

Be sure to comment below for your chance to win. I will do a random drawing from the comments and give away 50 free copies of The Great Awakening compliments of Provident Label Group.

Also, please tell all your friends to come by and comment by clicking the Tweet, Like, Google+ and email buttons below.

176 Responses to “I’m Celebrating Leeland’s New Album “The Great Awakening” By Giving Away 50 Copies Today”

  1. I would love to get a chance to win a copy of Leeland’s new album. I have all their previous albums. One of my favorite bands.

  2. I’ll definitely be picking this up either way, but free is always nice. :)

  3. I’ve been a huge Leeland fan ever since my wife and I heard them in New Hampshire just before the release of their Sounds of Melody project! Can’t wait to hear their latest offering!

  4. Thanks for the recent posts about Molander’s book and Lot 18….good stuff! And now the Leeland’s new project. Would love to get a listen!

  5. Leeland is one of the few bands that my ENTIRE family loves!! Can’t wait to hear the new CD!!!

  6. Would love to get a listen to their new record!!

  7. sounds great. im in!

  8. So much great music came out today.. Would love to grab one of the albums I need to buy for free :)

  9. I would love to get a copy of their new CD! Thanks!

  10. I’ve heard a lot of great things about this album already.. Would love to win a copy!

  11. I am so glad you are promoting this band. They are an amazing testimony for the Lord and they make wonderful music!

  12. Would love to win a copy!

  13. I love Leeland. I’ve taken our church youth group to see them live. I even used their song ‘Opposite Way’ as a sermon illustration…

  14. I have enjoyed Leeland’s music in the past and would love to hear this new project.

  15. Incredibly gifted musicians. Great synopsis above, Randy.

  16. I would love a copy of Leeland’s album. As a worship leader, I’m always refreshed by their music.

  17. I really enjoy Leeland- his lyrics, his depth. Would love to win!

  18. What a wonderful collection of music. Just awesome how God is shown through the music.

  19. It’s been a great day of new music that’s for sure… and Leeland is certainly among the conversation!

  20. Can’t wait for the new album! Love the theological depth.

  21. Was going to buy it anyway but would love it for free!

  22. This sounds awesome!! I hope I get one!

  23. One of my favorite songs by Leeland is “Carried to the Table.” I’m looking forward to listening to their new album. They were so kind to take the time to talk to a white-haired lady in a wheelchair (me!) at one of their concerts. They are a blessing to many.

  24. Randy, thanks for supporting Leeland’s music. Awesome!
    Send em on!


  25. Leeland’s vocals have always blown me away, they are just nearly unnatural. The live recording aspect of this album definitely makes it more interesting. Whether I win or not, I’ll absolutely be checking out this new music.

  26. Most definitely would love Leeland’s new album. Thanks so much!

  27. Hey Randy,

    I’ve loved these guys since Sound of Melodies…and actually had the pleasure of meeting them at a concert a few years ago (I think if I looked, there’s photographic evidence!). I’d LOVE to win a copy…and if you’re so inclined, feel free to throw in an Elrod watercolor. I hear those are fabulous ;).


    • Ha! Robin, the CD will be free if you are drawn, the Elrod watercolors, on the other hand, can be had for a small price. They are great Christmas presents!! Thanks for dropping by!

  28. This is awesome. It is because of Leeland singing Opposite Way almost four years ago at the Harvest Crusade in Philadelphia that our oldest daughter gave her life fully to Christ. We LOVE Leeland!!! Blessings and again thank you!

  29. I love their sound and I would love to win a copy! Thanks for featuring such a grand band, Randy.

  30. Can’t wait to hear their new album. I would love to win a copy!

  31. Love Leeland – would love to win their new album

  32. I am not sure that I have heard this group, but I know the Food for the Hungry peeps in Peru or at least the ones that used to be there when we were there. It would be fun to win and see what they are like.

  33. I love Leeland’s music — their sound and the lyrics are simply amazing! On this new album can’t decide if I like Chains hit the ground or Holy Ghost best. Wow!!

  34. I don’t know Leeland at all. This would be a good way to meet them.

  35. Sounds like a great album Randy!! Would LOVE an opportunity to win a copy. Thanks for broadening my horizons!

  36. I would LOVE a copy!

  37. I love Leeland! I love free stuff! so: awesome post!! (as always) RE you rock.

  38. Leeland is such a talented band! Not to mention anointed and sacred! So I would love the opportunity to win their latest. Thanks, Randy!

  39. Thanks for the opportunity Randy. I’m sure the new album will be great.

    Also – love your paintings!

  40. I love their song “Tears of the Saints”. Its a call to repentance and to helping others. I’d love to hear their new CD. Thanks :)

  41. Leeland has always found a way to captivate me. Their organic sound and fresh lyrics give me hope for the Christian music industry! I’d love a copy of their new album!

  42. It’s definitely time for a shot in the arm! Pump me full of some Leeland, so I can bring it to our church in worship! What a blessing…

  43. Karen Brotherton September 20, 2011 at 16:08

    I can’t wait to hear their new album.

  44. I am so glad they are back with a new album. These guys rock and you can tell they live the life they sing about. Thanks Randy, for bringing the new release to our attention. And keep up the great artwork!!

  45. Great! With this new release from Leeland and Gungor’s soon to follow, it looks like my fall is all sewn up!

  46. Hey Randy! Hook me up! I love Leeland. God bless.

  47. I can’t wait to hear the new album – I’ve seen Leland twice and have all the previous releases!!

  48. I love Leeland!! Would love to have a copy of their new album. They ROCK!

  49. What a great giveaway. Thanks for the chance!

  50. Really exciting stuff! Looking forward to listening to it!

  51. Love these guys! Powerful lyrics and a sincere heart for worship and desire to lead people into the presence of God. Huge fan!

  52. I love Leeland’s music and heart of worship. Looking forward to the next time they minister at Saddleback.
    Thank you for giving the church beautiful songs to sing to the Lord.
    Rick Muchow
    Pastor Of Worship
    Saddleback Church

  53. Thanks, Randy!

  54. Great band. Here’s to hoping I win!

  55. Leeland always inspires me!

  56. Randy, thanks for the opportunity to get a copy! Sounds like a great album.

  57. Thanks, Randy! Looking forward to hearing this album!

  58. Looking forward to the album!
    Always appreciate your recommendations.
    Use some of this on the church plant!

  59. I love Leeland’s music. Thanks for being so generous, Randy.

  60. Hi Randy, Leeland is a wonderful group, they were in Peru recently! I am sure it is a great album!

  61. Very cool!

  62. Looking forward to hearing more of Leeland’s worship. Typically what they produce has the element of “Leeland band members sitting on the front porch with guitars, just worshipping” and I get to eavesdrop. Thanks for the opportunity to win a copy, Randy.

  63. Cool!

    Randy, you opened my eyes to Leeland by introducing to us at recreate a while back the bands family and the topic being how parenting a gifted person might be like. I will never forget that and how you have helped prepare me to mentor my own daughter who is a budding artist herself. You are a treasure to me for that and many other things.

    And, I do want a CD, too! ;)

  64. Thanks for offering this chance. I’ve always been impressed with Leeland and their commitment to Christ and heart for ministry in their music. You can tell they believe what they sing/play. I hope this new album will impact many on their journey.

  65. Thanks, Chris, for stopping by and the great words about Leeland!! Good luck!

  66. This is a good song to hopefully a great album!

  67. I have been a fan of Leeland since their first album. Their lyrics are so powerful and thoughtful. Music like that moves me :)

  68. Love, love LOVE Leeland!

  69. love leeland, really appreciate their music. thanks for the give away chance!

  70. Many of my friends have recommended Leeland to me based on my musical tastes, but I admit I haven’t heard much from them. I would really love to check this CD out.

  71. Looking forward to hearing the album. Thanks for doing this!

  72. Can’t wait to hear it. So cool you are championing them!

  73. Pick me, pick me!

    I’ll never forget seeing Leeland and Jack and their Dad performing that first time at Recreate. There was just an enormous amount of energy and holy passion pouring out of all three of them. They made a big impact.

    • Yes, that was a priceless time that none of us who were there will ever forget! Thanks, Mark, for stopping by all the way from Cairo, Egypt. Good luck!!

  74. I love Leeland! Thanks for the opportunity! Even if I don’t win, thanks for telling us about the new CD!

  75. Love these guys – that video for The Great Awakening is just flat out inspiring! Thanks for the chance to win!

  76. Looking forward to hearing the new album.

  77. Thanks for introducing me to Leeland, Randy. I still remember meeting them at reCreate, just after their first album debut…

  78. I love Leeland, and I’m glad to hear such exciting things about this new album :) Thanks for the chance to win!

  79. Thanks to Randy for a fun contest!!

  80. I’m very excited about Leeland’s new work. I had the privilege of a sneak preview this Summer at the NWLC in KC. This is some of the best stuff I’ve heard from them, and I’ve been a fan for a long time. When I get “The Great Awakening” it is sure to be played loud and often!

  81. What an awesome giveaway. Our family has loved Leeland for a long time.

  82. Would love to hear this CD. We need an awakening!

  83. Sounds good to me. Count me in.

  84. Great band, great people! thx

  85. Thanks for the opportunity to win!

  86. Looking forward to this album. PICK ME…PICK ME!!!

  87. I love their music, my favorite song (so far) is Carried to the table

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