Indian Beauty — My Latest Watercolor

“Indian Beauty”

This original watercolor of a dear friend was a surprise Christmas gift for another dear friend.

He liked it!

Archival Watercolor Canvas 17″ x 20″

Medium: Watercolor and India Ink

By randy

Encouraging people to find out who they are so they can live their lives fully.

16 replies on “Indian Beauty — My Latest Watercolor”

i would say “stunning” is definitely the word. wow. i don’t know if i’ve told you this, but you capture life in the eyes of all of your paintings, and that is something to behold. thanks for continually sharing your artistic journey with all of us.

I am absolutely flattered! What an amazing gift of friendship the two of you have and what an amazing friend to give such a gift. Thank you for letting your love for family, friends, neighbors and fellow man shine through in the art that is your life. Love you.

@Krissy, Thanks, Krissy. I can’t wait for you to see it in “real life.” It is truly, as everyone above has described, “stunning,” as are YOU in real life—inside and out.

Spence is one of those extraordinary friends that comes along rarely if ever in a lifetime. I’m thankful for both of you.

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