30 Responses to ““Innocence Lost” — My Latest Watercolor”

  1. wow… That’s intense.

  2. Bonnie Crocker October 17, 2010 at 14:39

    Reminds me of me at that age. Powerful. Lots of memories flooding back; many prayers going up for other victims. Thank you Randy. It’s a stunning piece.

  3. This is a powerful statement well done.

  4. Brought me to tears as I saw myself in this pic. Praising God for the healing He has done in my life from the many years of sexual abuse that has changed the “rough edges” I see in this portrait to the softness (peace) I now have through His light shining out of every last one of those broken places!

  5. Randy – beautiful, painful. My heart breaks. Thank you.

  6. Powerful, piercing and absolutely gripping. So amazed how God can use art and an artist to help heal all …

    Thanks again, Randy for sharing your immense talents and gifts all for His glory. All of us here at Mercy Ministries appreciate you and the intense truth of “Innocence Lost.” Blessed by you….

    • @Eve Annunziato, Thanks so much, Eve, for all you and your ministry do to restore and heal these little ones.

      Having two wonderful daughters—this painting was very emotional and heart wrenching for me.

      I was constantly reminded of the character Sarah/Angel in the must-read book by Francine Rivers “Redeeming Love”

  7. the eyes. i can see the pain and betrayal in them. yet i can also see the beauty that this little girl possesses in them as well.
    the jaw is set in fear and anger.

    but i do see hope in this painting. hoping that someone will take this little one and love her as only a daughter can be loved. it’s a dream of mine (not yet realized) to help rescue these little ones. i’m reminded of a line from one of my favorite songs.

    “the sound of salvation come, the sound of rescued ones.”

    thanks Randy. your vision and depiction of beautiful things inspires me.

  8. haunting and beautiful.

    • @Deb Barnett, Thanks, Deb. My friend Patsy Clairmont called it a “tragic masterpiece.”

      It was an emotional painting that still haunts me.

      • @Randy Elrod, Patsy’s a dear friend of mine as well… and quite the master wordsmith. Perfect description. I’ve worked with the girls at Mercy Ministries (among other places) and it’s an all too accurate portrayal of innocence not just lost, but often stolen.

        I love your work Randy – thanks for sharing it so generously.

        • @Deb Barnett, Yes. Patsy is a gem—one of my greatest encouragers. and I am just finding out about the incredible work Mercy Ministries is doing from my friend Eve who works with them. Thanks a again for YOUR encouragement.

  9. Love it! The power in the expression and the composition are amazing.

  10. Randy, Redeeming Love is my favorite book of all time. I love how the depths of your heart/soul translate to the paper. I’m so grateful to God that I have eyes to see beauty like this.

    • @Audra Krell, Audra, Our eyes and our bodies and our souls are extraordinary gifts from God.

      “Redeeming Love” has no peer in Christian fiction. It should be on the must read list of anyone who calls themselves a Christian. The book never leaves you.

  11. The picture is amazing! The conversation is Heart Melting!!

  12. Randy, one of my fav books EVER. I just reread it last month. And, having a six year old daughter myself – I agree with you – heart wrenching!

  13. wow, randy. this is so, so beautiful. it’s compelling and just draws you in. her eyes tell countless stories…

  14. While I’m ecstatic this painting will be auctioned off to raise money for a place like Mercy Ministries, I actually am shedding tears because i want it so bad. I’m trying to figure how to get to Nashville & then afford the event, let alone the top bid on what this painting could go for. I pray God will bless the ministry through the money raised as much as this painting is a blessing to me.

    Funny thing is I had looked into moving to Nashville for the services of Mercy Ministries 12yrs ago when I was pregnant with my son. I was able to work things out without their specific services & moving so many states away. With God’s help I have been able to be a good mother to my deaf/blind/autistic 11yr old son. It’s because of places like Mercy Ministries that babies can live & women are healed & can receive the freedom that was theirs the moment Christ breathed His last. Praise the Lord for the work of Mercy Ministries and so many other places that do work like them! THANK YOU JESUS!!!


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