Lion of Judah — My Latest Watercolor

This is a private commission for Kevin & Julie Ortenblad to hang above the music room at their lodge called Sanctuary in Colorado.

It is the largest watercolor I have ever painted.

36″ x 45″

I used special order Arches handmade watercolor paper.

There are several symbolic references.

Various size prints are available.

To purchase an archival Giclee print go HERE.

Simply specify in the notes at purchase “Lion of Judah”

What do you think?

By randy

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50 replies on “Lion of Judah — My Latest Watercolor”

He’s a beauty, Randy. Absolutely beautiful. I can only imagine what he looks like full size.

@Julie Kolb,
I also see water around his mouth. But I don’t want to think about that because I have an aversion to saliva. ew.

More importantly, in the words of my husband: “That doesn’t look like the Lion of Judah. The Lion of Judah looks like a lamb.” THEN I saw it.
Nicely done, Randy.

I’m in a really fun mood today, if we were speaking live, I have the best joke for here — but we aren’t so I won’t. Anyway, as for paintings, all I ever purchased before were giclees or modified (embellished) prints. An Apple A Day is my first original painting. She is beautiful and I love it. Yes, I’m enjoying it. — Keep painting my friend.

OK, I’m no “art critic” or anything close to it…but I see something when I look at that picture beyond the lamb that’s not immediately noticeable. If looking at the lion itself, the grey and white coloring just adds a depth of age and wisdom. The lion captured me with a feeling of a fierce wisdom that nothing could stand against.

Yeah, maybe it’s silly to see that but it captivated me for a few minutes. Great job, Randy. You have such an gift for painting.

@Jason, Thanks, Jason. It is not silly, no matter the artist, art that contains truth, beauty, goodness, radiance, balance and wholeness should move us.

I don’t dare hope for all those aspects,but I know there are some.

Randy, I love this painting as well as the one I have hanging in my home. You DO get better with each painting. In regard to symbolism I always hate to look for what isn’t there but…… I thought I saw blood, a tear, tears from above, and water. Diane thought she saw Waldo!

Wow factor! Creative choices in colors, including light blue below the mouth…gave it interesting dimension!

one word. “nuance”

there are so many of them in this piece. again your use of perspective and light continues to amaze me. and since it’s a commissioned work, looks like you are finding your Medici’s. thanks for the “continual creating”

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