3 Responses to “My View Waking Up in Alaska”

  1. Wow! That is a good and hopeful start of your day. I’m sure you will enjoy it.

    I know I should watch the game now, right? I was looking up for something in my computer when I saw there was a new e-mail from Randy Elrod. I will hear they score anyway because of those terrible horns! We had Spanish people in our church today because of a baptism. The pastor was so kind to say it’s all about fair play and unity, it doesn’t matter if the Dutch or Spanish team win because of the three Spanish people. But one Dutch man said that we were going to win. We were all kidding and having fun. Spanish people are always kind. Well, the ones I know. I told the Spanish people I’m cheering for them because there were only three of them. I know I’m weak. Bye bye.

  2. Wait a minute! Did it say “Alaska”? That shows my attention is divided between here and the match. I thought Alaska was all snow? I checked the picture again, Isn´t this picture fit for a paint? Not that I´m ordering any. Really, one day a `Randy Elrod` will hang on my walls.

  3. God outdid Himself!

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