Send A Royers’ Pie (The Ultimate Slice of Home) To A Soldier In The MidEast

My new friend Bud Royer and his team at Royers Round Top Cafe have a worthy OBJECTIVE:

To ship a Royers’ pie, “THE ULTIMATE SLICE OF HOME!!!”, to 1000s of our brave fighting troops serving overseas for July 4th and 5,000 for Thanksgiving & Christmas …. THEY ARE ALREADY AT 450 PIES FOR THE 4TH!!!

Be a part of OPERATION: DESERT PIE by sending a couple of BUD’S CHOCOLATE CHIP PIE….   Pretty simple!

And with your order they’ll make a donation to the FISHER HOUSE FOUNDATION of $5 for two (2) pies shipped together, aka THE TEXAS HOME SLICE PACK or $2 when one (1) pie is shipped.

The FISHER HOUSE FOUNDATION: Is like the Ronald McDonald House but it is at many of the military medical centers around the world. They provide free housing for families when they have a wounded warrior in the hospital. PRETTY COOL!

Many of you will want to be a part of this OPERATION but do not have any names of soldiers to send a pie too…. they have compiled a list of soldiers who’d love to have the “THE ULTIMATE SLICE OF HOME!!!”

1. The BEST DEAL VALUE is to ship THE TEXAS HOME SLICE PACK of two (2) pies with s/h for $76.00 or just one (1) pie with s/h for $41.00.

2. Pies are shipped to APO/FPO addresses (USPS). It takes about 10-15 days to get to’m.

3. Go to the café’s website to order THE TEXAS HOME SLICE PACK or just one pie. If you don’t have an address for a soldier, we have scores of soldiers addresses & when you place your order online the directions are so very simple!

4. Deadline for placing your order for the holiday:
* JULY 4TH ~ June 12th
* THANKSGIVING ~ October 17th
* CHRISTMAS ~ November 14th

So join them in OPERATION: DESERT PIE to have a slice in supporting our brave fighting soldiers overseas by sending  “THE ULTIMATE SLICE OF HOME!!!”

So here’s the deal folks …. this is not worthy of a “Good Job!” or just a pat on the back!!! This is the ultimate in capitalism, all involved in ODP are “winners!” They’re committed to making difference …


Email them or call 979-249-3611

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One Response to “Send A Royers’ Pie (The Ultimate Slice of Home) To A Soldier In The MidEast”

  1. Thanks Randy for being apart of this project to support our troops! We will continue to do this until they are pulled out of the MidEast! bless, bud the pieman!!!

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