The American Ant Colony

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The American Ant language no longer had words, truths, or laws in which American Worker Ants or the Red Ant Leaders were interested. It was no longer possible to ask them whether they believed in Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness—and it was also unacceptable for the Worker Ants to ask questions at all. A question was a sign of insanity to them. Their life was not questionable: it was dictated.

The Worker Ant language had changed after continuous propaganda from the Fox lair—or rather, it changed as soon as it had been discovered that the OTHERS were harder Workers and were getting the best jobs. The constant stream of CHAOS continued. There were rallies led by Ant the Father and reports from the Fox and his Friends about illegal immigration, caravans, war, extremism, abortion, the love of dictators, tariffs, pardons, the deep state, fake news, and the economic situation. The Voice of Unfairness said that their beloved country was being invaded by a horde of filthy Other-nesters—at which the RightWing social media chorus sang: When OTHER blood spurts from the bullet, Then everything is fine.

The Fox also explained that Ant the Father had ordained in his genius wisdom that Other-nester Ants should always be separated from the White Anglo/American ones by a Great Wall. Their beloved country had only one feeding tray at present—a disgraceful state of affairs which would have to be remedied if the chosen race were not to perish.

A third statement was that the national property of the American Nest was being threatened. Their boundaries were being violated, their domestic animals eaten, the female white ants raped, and their communal stomach would soon be starved and their jobs lost.

A strange feature was that the Worker Ants, the Christian Ants, and the Red Leader Ants were not troubled by the events, nor interested in the truth. They accepted them as matters of course. They were rituals to them, like the “Lock Her Up chants” and the unquestioning adulation of their Beloved Leader. They did not look at these things as good or bad, exciting, rational or terrible. They did not look at them at all, but accepted them as Done.

The Voice of Unfairness and the Red Leader Ants wanted Power at All Costs and therefore desired to silence the Blue Ones and expel the Others. The preparations were in order— the Ant Judges, the Ant Army, and Law Enforcement were brainwashed to the last ounce—the walls of the Red and White nests had patriotic slogans written on them, such as “MAGA” or “Make America White Again” and “Everything Not Forbidden Is Compulsory”.

The mottos of the Beloved Leader, the propaganda of the Fox, the unquestioning acquiescence of the Red Ant Leaders, and the timidity and adherence to the rules of law by the Blue Leaders slowly eroded the joy of work, life, and camaraderie which had once belonged to the American nest.

THE time for the second CIVIL WAR came soon enough.

—Inspired by the words of T.H. White

By randy

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