What Do You Prefer For Morning Food—Breakfast, Brunch or None?

There is breakfast and there is brunch.

Two eggs sunnyside up, two slices of bacon extra crispy and toast with grape jelly.

Breakfast. The most important meal of the day.

Healthy. High in fiber. Fuel to go, go,go.

But brunch, now that’s another story.

The most indulgent meal of the week.

Decadent. Boozy. Wrapped in bacon and slathered in hollandaise.

Would you like eggs benedict with salmon and chives?

Creamy scrambled eggs, blueberry cream cheese muffins, broiled grapefruit and a mimosa?

Homemade Belgian waffles topped with real whipped cream and blueberry syrup and served with sausage, a mimosa, and a hot fruit compote?

A tea sandwich made with chopped ham, cheese, egg, sour cream, green onions, and chopped pecans?

Breakfast, Brunch or None. Coffee, mimosa, or water?

Three very different ways to start the day?

Which one are you?

37 Responses to “What Do You Prefer For Morning Food—Breakfast, Brunch or None?”

  1. Breakfast!

    Days where I don’t plan on getting the exercise i need:

    Two eggs over medium
    Sprouted grain toast
    Green tea and honey

    Days when I need some real fuel:

    4 eggs scrambled with potatoes or brown rice
    Sprouted grain toast
    Green tea

  2. On weekdays I sort of snack for breakfast. I will eat a granola bar, crackers, etc. Just something to get me going and sustain me until lunch. But I love a big ol’ decadent brunch…with a mimosa or a bloody mary and a nap for dessert.

  3. i basically drink coffee and that is probably why i have a nice spare tire around my belly. i usually only eat breakfast if i am traveling or if it’s provided. i love a good brunch, but don’t get to partake very often.

  4. Breakfast, my virtual friend! Pancakes, scrambled eggs, bacon (or pork chops on the grill), grits, milk and coffee. And, if not pancakes, biscuits with honey.

    Now…that’s what I prefer and want. But during my typical week, I tend to waver between nothing and a few of the above items (depending on the day’s events).

    Wait a minute. Is this really a personality test?

    (PS – I tried twice to post a comment yesterday, but each time it flushed into the underworld.)

  5. Well, I look forward every morning to a nice bowl of Frosted Mini-Wheats with milk. :) I probably shouldn’t enjoy it that much but I do. :)

  6. Wheaties Fuel…Im addicted. (The Pujols box, not Garnett)

  7. Randy, my soul Georgia brother –

    I have to say that the Cracker Barrel Sunrise Sampler is my all time favorite breakfast:

    – Sausage Patties
    – Country Ham
    – Bacon
    – Eggs Scrambled with Cheese
    – GRITS
    – Gravy
    – and of course, biscuits

    However as a dad – nothing, and I mean NOTHING warms my heart like watching my kids tear into their “Daddy Pancakes” on Saturday mornings. They especially love it on their birthday when we add chocolate chips. That my friend is my breakfast of champions.

    • @Bryan, Ah, yes. I’m an Old-Timers Breakfast at Cracker Barrel man myself.

      My Dad would make us french fries (from the box) and gravy for breakfast. It was a family hit. But i know it sounds crazy.

      I suppose it was his variation on biscuits and gravy.

  8. Breakfast is essential every day. Many years ago (1986) I read a study in Science Magazine based on a report by James Muller of Harvard Medical School, at the time I was a young Director of a multi-national company who would leap out of bed and trundle off to the office without breakfast. Muller discovered that heart attacks tended to occur in the morning, at about 9 a.m.

    His report indicated the reason being: ‘Because that is when most people are either fighting traffic on their way to work or just starting to fight the challenges of work at their workplaces. For most people, the period leading up to 9 a.m. is only minutes rather than hours since they were horizontal and resting.”

    Too many people jump out of bed, shower, dress and wolf some food down (or not) and then hit the road, this manic way of waking and jumping in a car within 30 minutes of rolling out of bed is alien for our bodies. So I disciplined myself to get up two hours before I needed to leave home, spend time in prayer, exercise and breakfast (muesli and yoghurt) – my failing – a morning coffee addict!

  9. Can you love both? Actually it’s not that I love breakfast. I need it. If I don’t eat breakfast I start to shake and feel awful after an hour or so. So I have to eat breakfast. But I started to have brunches in the weekends with my friends once a month. I don’t know that much you put on the post but I find out myself many different stuff. But that pictures looks yummmmmmmmmy. I looked it up right away. I’m logged in a site about food. So will definitely make that one. Mmmmmmmm.

  10. Breakfast becomes as decadent as brunch when you’re eating at La Grande Orange in the Arcadia neighborhood in Phoenix. They make their english muffins daily in-house. Our current (4 yrs in a row) all-time fav. We live close enough to walk to LGO – their commuter breakfast sandwich cancels out (and then some) the calories burned by walking there. Sigh. Totally worth it!

  11. Definitely breakfast. Any time of day.

  12. Food and I are on very friendly terms so any combination of daytime & vitals works for me. I often dine on bananas & peanut butter for breakfast. On brunch days, which occur when someone else prepares it, I love fancy French toast dipped in a batter of eggs, OJ, & Grand Marnier, then baked & drenched in warm maple syrup. Or just a vat of syrup with a coffee chaser will suffice. I’m big on nutrition.

  13. Breakfast for me.
    I wake up and have a glass of water as my coffee brews. About an hour post-coffee, I need breakfast, which is usually oatmeal with chia and/or hemp seeds added and topped with some other tasty goodies … peanut/almond butter, coconut, bananas, pomegranate or any other fruit I might happen to have.

    I love brunch on special occasions … especially the mimosas.

  14. I love brunch on the weekends and love finding new spots to check out with my friends. Usually mimosas are in order. But besides on the weekend breakfast is usually some oatmeal or granola with yogurt. A mainstay daily is COFFEE! French press to be exact. Haha :)

  15. Breakfast all day long. Pancakes, egg sandwiches, breakfast burritos (especially the Merridee’s variety), potatoes…

    Hmmm… only exception would be when there are triple-chunk brownies available. Then, I would eat those for breakfast, and eat breakfast foods for the rest of the day.

    Just sayin’.

  16. I don’t eat breakfast. I am an intermittent fasting devotee and only choose to eat brekky once a week on my treat day because I love McDonald’s Sausage and Egg McMuffins :)

  17. Some of my fondest memories are of Sunday brunch with my dad. We would always go out to a local place for eggs benedict (traditional preparation, not all fancied up), bloody mary’s (virgin mary’s for me before I was legal), dessert, and have just daddy/daughter time. We could and would talk about anything that was on our minds, that happened that week or what was coming up. Sadly that restaurant closed after a couple of years, but we continued our tradition finding another local eatery. Even after I moved out, we continued to do this every week even after I married. It wasn’t until we were separated by too many miles that the tradition stopped. But I still have the memories and the close relationship with my dad to this day.


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