Why 9 out of 10 People Who Attended re:Create 2014 Registered Immediately for 2015

Screen Shot 2014-02-08 at 7.18.01 PMHave you ever felt lonely because you don’t have many real friends who get you, you feel tired and alone, and you tend to disconnect? Lose the loneliness, emptiness and isolation FIRST and a healthy and yes, meaningful life won’t be an issue. Getting out of your comfort zone and attending re:Create is a great way to SAFELY MEET and get to know OTHERS LIKE YOU without spending more years of your valuable life as a lone ranger!

I have gathered people like you in small intimate groups (no more than 150) annually in Nashville for over fifteen years.

Many well known business leaders (Charles T. Lee, Dan Cathy, Michael Hyatt), artists (Jars of Clay, Amy Grant, Ed Kowalcyk of LIVE, MuteMath), and authors (Philip Yancey, Andy Crouch, Tim Sanders), have joined us over the past fifteen years.

At re:Create, you have the rare opportunity to literally sit at a table with the speakers, artists and partners and be refreshed, encouraged and inspired. And yes, to get to know them personally. Imagine sitting next to Tim Sanders and talking about his days as Yahoo!’s chief training officer or Steve Hindalong about his music career. That’s exactly what happens at re:Create.

I am giving the second half of my life to providing gatherings and resources that encourage you to be who you are—not what you do.

I have been where you are. 15 years ago I felt very alone. My staff and peers didn’t get me or my dreams. I had nowhere to turn for ideas and camaraderie. Thankfully I finally discovered a way out of this despair. It’s about letting go of fear and loneliness, and GATHERING with like-minded people from around the world.

The “refreshment, encouragement, diffusion” process gives you the invigorating experience of being with other like-minded people and make connections that will last a lifetime. For the next two weeks we are offering you a HUGE DISCOUNT ($499) on regular registration prices so that you can finally feel what its like to be with others that get you.

See why you can’t build your tribe and network—and more importantly, YOURSELF—faster, better and more effectively than at re:Create. And you’ll get the opportunity to realize the dream of meeting lifelong friends who are just like you.

Just click HERE to join this amazing tribe. But you must register in the next two weeks (by November 19) to get the INTRODUCTORY SPECIAL and BOTH CONFERENCES (Music/Arts & Entrepreneurship) FOR THE PRICE OF ONE. Register HERE:

This will be the fifteenth anniversary for re:create. Here are some of the reasons people continue to return year after year to re:create:

“I honestly didn’t know what to expect when attending the re:Create conference, but I was intrigued by the opportunity to spend time and build relationships with people from different industries and vocational backgrounds. I was exposed to many great conversations and concepts that sparked several innovative ideas that I was able to incorporate into my business. More importantly, I had the opportunity to meet new friends and start relationships that have extended well past the conclusion of the conference. I am already looking forward to re:create 2015.” —Neville Letzerich, Chief Marketing Officer for Websense, Austin, TX

re:Create is the most personally impacting conference I’ve ever attended. The immediate sense of connectedness with fellow creatives is invigorating and gives birth to lasting friendships. Such an environment, combined with creatively stimulating and interactive content, makes for an unforgettable and unparalleled conference experience.” —J.R. Taylor, Musician/Producer, Austin, TX

“re:Create is the highlight of my year, and this year in particular, it developed and built a deep work of rest and restoration. What is said, done, and presented at re:create every year (particularly the community aspect) has lifted me up and carried me through some very hard seasons of life here in Egypt. Thank you.” —Mark Jaffrey, Pastor of Arts, Maadi Community Church, Cairo, Egypt

“The entertainment at re:Create is always top-notch; the speakers are brilliant; and the knowledge I gain benefits me greatly…but that’s not why I keep signing up. I return to see my friends. For one week every year, no matter what hardships or successes I’ve had, I am heard, I am seen, I am encouraged, and I am deeply loved.” Alice Sullivan, Writer and Literary Strategist, Nashville, TN

“Where do I begin? re:Create was so inspiring and fun. Serving in worship ministry for eighteen years, I actually forgot that I was a “creative.” The re:create conference is just what I needed to be reminded that God, the ultimate creator, created me to be creative. Thanks for inspiring and spoiling us rotten! It was so refreshing and I look forward to seeing all the wonderful people again that I connected with so deeply. It has been a joy connecting with them on social media during the year as well.” —Scott Bowles, Worship Leader, Joy Community Church, O’Fallon, MO

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