Search for Best Sandwich in Tampa Bay (#2)

Next! The second tasting is the Montreal Beef Sandwich at Dunedin Smokehouse. I had a difficult time finding a place in Tampa Bay that had this sandwich and to my surprise and delight, it was literally in my hometown. Thanks to my neighbor Charlie Flately for reading and commenting about where to find the sandwich.

He also told me that the owner was from Canada and the food was legit. Today, Charlie and I (along with Gina and his wife Laurie) hopped on our golf cart and made the five-minute jaunt to the restaurant. Because of our Covid self-quarantine, we still have not eaten at half the restaurants in our quaint downtown. It was my first time at the Smokehouse and my first ever Montreal Beef sandwich. And it will not be my last on either count. What a delightful and delicious lunch with marvelous friends.

Dunedin Smokehouse Montreal Beef Sandwich Rating:

Bread – 8

Soft, warm, and delicious. Freshly baked pretzel bun.

Ingredients – 8

Again, only four ingredients. Pretzel bun, stone ground mustard, apple slaw, and slow-smoked corned beef brisket. Simply delicious. The high-quality ingredients shine. Their signature, smoked, corned beef is slow-smoked for hours, and thinly sliced.

Condiments – 8

Stoneground mustard and apple slaw. The mustard was so tasty I asked for more.

Service – 9

Friendly, well-versed, and just the right amount of attention. Our server JoJo was personable and professional. Charlie told me she had been there for ten years. It was obvious that Charlie and Laurie are regulars and familiar with JoJo. That made a pleasant experience even more enjoyable.

Presentation – 7

It is not the prettiest sandwich, but after all, it is a bar-be-cue joint.

Cost/Value – 6

The sandwich was just the right amount with a very generous portion of corned beef and costs $14. Fortunately, this also includes a side dish. However, I ordered the smoked gouda mac-n-cheese which was an upcharge of $2. but it was worth it. Delicious.

Ambiance – 6

It is a nice space that is typical of the smokehouse style. Whimsical and quirky. We ate outside on the covered patio and it was socially distanced, clean, comfortable, and welcoming with a nice breeze. And it is obviously a local favorite. Almost everyone was recognizably Dunedin residents.

Final Rating: 7.43

Overall it is a wonderful sandwich that truly melts in your mouth. It was a pleasant first-time experience. We will definitely visit again soon. I totally see why my neighbors Charlie and Laurie love this place and why Charlie recommends this delectable sandwich.