Candid Thoughts About Going Forward After Insurrection Day

I’ve taken 24 hours off media to formulate my thoughts and gather my emotions. My mood has changed from furious rage to smoldering anger. I stand resolute as an American against these seditionists.

THEY ARE TERRORISTS—They traffic in fear. All one needs to do is read your Facebook wall and see all the threats and rumors. We must not let them win. We must call them what they are. Terrorists.

THEY FAILED—On Jan. 6, their goal was to stop the certification of Joe Biden as President of the United States. And because of the heroism and courage of the Congress—they FAILED.

And they miserably failed to elect their anointed one as President once again. Biden won by over 7 million votes and by a landslide (T***p’s words) in the electoral college.

They failed this goal even though Republicans have skewed the election results enormously in their favor. Think what Biden/Harris’s vote totals would have been like without gerrymandering, intimidation, and voter suppression. One can only imagine.

THE POLICE—There MUST be reform. It is a sad day in America when we not only distrust the police—we FEAR them. This must change. The images of the Capitol Police opening the doors and guiding and supporting the terrorists are but a glaring microcosm of our problem.

Yes, maybe there are a few good men and women (I genuinely hope so) in the police force, but unfortunately, the trust has now been eroded and there is no way to know the good from the bad. They are primarily psychotic white men who have little dicks and big guns. They live to kill someone. And most suffer no recriminations. When in the rare instance they do miraculously get “fired”—they are immediately rehired by another police force.

A first priority: the police unions must be completely dissolved and reimagined.

THE NUMBERS—I’m sick of the media constantly hyping the 74 million votes for T***p as an indicator of how many people are in this group of anarchists. (The media is not our enemy, but they are like a friend that is afraid of everything because they make money selling fear.) The group of traitors and psychos represented by the insurrectionists that defiled our US Capitol on Jan. 6 are nowhere near that number.

Most experts believe it is more like 15%, which adds up to approximately 11 million—the others are just sad Republicans. 11 million sounds like a lot until you factor in America’s 328 million population.

Tell me, which army would you rather be a part of? The one that has 328 million or 11 million? We are much stronger, bigger, and smarter. We stand for the truth, and they fight for lies.

Because of their stupidity, they are a dying breed. Consider that 70% of COVID cases in the Senate and Congress are Republican. That means there is a strong possibility—because they refuse to obey CDC guidelines that the vast majority of deaths every day are T***pers.

Do the math. The daily death toll is at 4,000. 70% of that number equals 2800 per day and 84,000 Republican deaths per month just by COVID alone. If those numbers add up, and I suspect they do, that means 12,600 insurrectionists are dying each month by their own stupidity. And the super-spreader event at the Capitol will only increase the deaths. Statistics say the insurrectionists skew older. The traitor that allegedly died by tasing himself was over 60. The traitor sitting in Pelosi’s chair was 60.

Fact: An overwhelming percentage of youth are voting Democrat. This indicates a very positive trend that the insurrectionists will die out annually in much larger numbers than true Americans.

The stark truth is that America is no longer a country of conservative white evangelical heterosexual Christian people—we are a land of immigrants, beautiful colors of skin and sexual preferences and beliefs, and most Americans are now proud to be moderates and liberals and non-christian and non-white.

RELIGION—Throughout history, religion has not only ignored science, it has demonized it. Brilliant men and women have been tortured and burned at the stake for having the gall to say the earth is round and form theories about the universe that turned out to be 100% correct. We see this today with the demonization of Dr. Fauci. The tragic truth is that anyone that does not believe like religious fundamentalists is their enemy and cannot be right.

These evangelical fundamentalists, white supremacists, and neo-nazis can be comfortable in churches and movements led by the likes of Robert Jeffress, Steve Berger, Franklin Graham, Paula White, the Falwells, and Al Moller.

They are in denominations such as Southern Baptist, Pentecostal, and Independent Baptist. These evangelicals are NO DIFFERENT than Muslim fundamentalists. A religious fundamentalist is someone with a hijacked brain. They are small and repressed individuals, and therefore, they are angry and dangerous. That is why they follow and worship psychotic leaders such as T***p, Putin, Hitler, and Osama Bin Ladin.

THEY ARE STUPID—That doesn’t make them any less dangerous, but it does make them easier to defeat. Don’t forget, they took selfies and video while committing federal crimes and posted it online for anyone (including the FBI) to see. Anyone that follows and worships a stupid leader is stupid. Period..

LINE IN THE SAND—For me, Jan. 6 was a line in the sand. We did not draw it. They did. Fuck political and religious correctness. If someone still supports or enables T***p and Q-Anon, and all the other fucked up beliefs—they are the enemy of Democracy. I plan to take the next three days and go through my social media feeds (with over 40,000 followers, it’s going to take a while), and I will delete ANY person who continues to support Trump after Jan. 6.

I realize this may mean close family and friends. But I did not draw the line—they did. And I am dead serious—ANYONE—who supports or enables T***p after Jan. 6 is our enemy if we consider ourselves patriotic Americans.

Everyone gets a break before Jan. 6—but if they continue to spin, enable, or support this evil man—they will be canceled. And oh yeah, guess who taught me cancel culture, yep, you guessed it—they did.

DON’T LISTEN TO THE SPIN—It has already started. T***p has rendered the truth illegible. Ted Cruz, Lindsey Graham, Josh Hawley, Kevin McCarthy, Sean Hannity, Republicans, Evangelical pastors, and the right-wing media have already started distorting and defiling the truth. They traffic in lies. We must not let them defile the truth any longer. Rebuke them at every turn.

I could go on and on and I probably will later. And yes, it may be a bit emotionally dysregulated (as my therapist would say) but it expresses my sincere feeling at this point in time. But for now, we must not let these stupid, pathetic, fear-mongers win. America is better, bigger, and more intelligent than that. Be strong, stay true, and fear not.