EVERNOTE – Top Five Desktop Features

EVERNOTE: Eliminate clutter. Create a searchable memory. Engage your digital brain.

by Lauren Elrod (Twitter: @laurenelrod)

To recap my first post about Evernote (which you can find here) Evernote is an amazing tool that synchronizes your life realtime on all your digital devices. Add a note to your iPhone Evernote app and it instantly syncs your desktop computer, online website, iPad and other digital devices.

You may also want to glance at yesterday’s post if you’re wondering why you should use Evernote.

The desktop is a great starting place and home-base. I find that I create most of my notes on my desktop to be later referenced on my iPhone or iPad. I use the Evernote for my iPhone and iPad for quick thoughts, snapshots and recommendations.


1. Web Clipper – Have you ever noticed the little Evernote logo in your menu bar at the top right of your screen?





There is a reason it’s number one on my list. That little logo is a BIG help. When you find something on a website that you want to remember the web clipper will throw it straight into a new note. Now this is where it gets good – you can select specific text or single windows within a website! Go ahead, try it!

2. Hyperlink Insert – This may sound simple, but when you initially create the note if you remember to include the note’s related URL it will be an immense help to you in the long run. Especially when you are emailing a note to someone – the URL is neatly and conveniently located right under the note’s title.

3. Overall Layout – I can navigate much faster when I am using Evernote on my Desktop. The ability to simultaneously view all areas of Evernote allows you to work almost as quickly as you think. Almost.

4. Shared Notebooks – This is one feature I have yet to fully engage. However, it’s potential and possibilities are endless. I am starting to discover it’s incredible capabilities especially when collaborating on a specific project. Check out this video about shared notebooks, below:

5. Wireless Sync – A no-brainer, the simple fact that it wirelessly syncs with all my other devices while I am working never ceases to amaze me! I can create a note on my desktop at home, run out the door and immediately have access it on my iPhone or iPad no matter where I go.

What are your favorite Evernote Desktop features?

Which Evernote platform do you find yourself using the most?

Check back tomorrow for my Top Five iPhone Features for Evernote.

*Please Note: all posts having to do with Evernote are based on the free Mac version offered at www.evernote.com or in the app store.

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14 responses to “EVERNOTE – Top Five Desktop Features”

  1. MandyThompson Avatar

    I gave Evernote a strong look last year….
    I like the ability to collect & store vast amounts of data, ideas, images, sites, etc. BUT, my only complaint is that the desktop version does not support the making of audio notes. Considering all the effort Evernote has made to offer a complete note-taking & note-keeping platform that can sync across multiple devices, I’m surprised they haven’t incorporated the audio-note feature beyond the use of the iPhone version. As a songwriter, this is an essential feature that I look for in note-taking software. If there’s no easy/clean way to hit “record” on my mac, then I’ve gotta (sigh) stick with my less-pretty, less-syncable MacJournal.
    For now.
    I still hold high hopes for the desktop version, though.

  2. Deborah Bateman Avatar

    I haven’t tried evernote yet, but it sounds very interesting. I will check it out. Thanks!

  3. Jason Young Avatar
    Jason Young

    appreciate your quick read about evernote. i use evernote everyday of my life. i teach others in companies and churches how to use it as well. if used well, it can increase your productivity and organizational life immensely.

  4. Krissi Wyss Avatar

    I have recently started using evernote and it’s a great tool. I am working on honing my own system for use, but I like yesterday’s action words. I have one tech glitch, I have followed the process to add the web clipper, but I don’t have the cute little logo in my toolbar. But, I’ll get it figured out one way or another!

  5. Leo Gallant Avatar

    Loving these Evernote posts! It has reinvigorated my use of Evernote. Spent a good deal of time re-organizing what I had as well as creating new notebooks to keep track of the 30+ conferences I get our company to each year. I love the Checklist feature!

    1. lelrod Avatar

      Thanks Leo!

      Yes I agree – the checklist feature rocks!

  6. Jamey Clayberg Avatar
    Jamey Clayberg

    I’m with you on Evernote man, it’s become my biggest digital asset (along with DropBox.)
    I share 3 notebooks for creative inspiration:
    Design & Art
    Interior Decoration/design
    I love being able to clip stuff straight into Evernote with the URL and everything, very seamless.

    1. lelrod Avatar

      Awesome! I look forward to perusing your shared notebooks – thanks for posting them!

  7. @kylereed Avatar

    I think this counts as a desktop feature, but I could be wrong.
    I use the evernote chrome extension.
    It puts a clipping feature on your toolbar in chrome and lets you store away links of websites that you are viewing. Its a great tool

    1. lelrod Avatar


      That’s awesome! I’ll have to download the Chrome extension – storing URL’s is so wonderfully helpful!

  8. Chris Avatar

    I’m not sure why, but for only this post, I’m getting your mobile WordPress theme. I’m in Windows XP with Firefox 4. I’m thinking its WP-Super-Cache (that’s where I always have problems), but I’m not sure.

    1. lelrod Avatar

      Hey Chris,

      How strange? Did you try viewing it on another browser? I hope you were able to view it properly!

  9. Janet Oberholtzer Avatar

    Hi Lauren,
    Thanks for these posts … I’ve used Evernote a little and now with the info from your posts, I plan to use it more. I like the idea of having a digital assistant … cause Lord knows I need all the help I can get.

    1. lelrod Avatar

      Haha Yes I agree Janet! The more I remember to input information into Evernote, the easier it is to output productivity.

      Thanks for your comment!