Honored To Be On the Cover and the Featured Story for Johns Hopkins University & Medicine (Winter 2023)

Photograph locations were my art studio The Sandbox and the back lawn of our beach cottage Cocomo. Click photos to enlarge.

4 responses to “Honored To Be On the Cover and the Featured Story for Johns Hopkins University & Medicine (Winter 2023)”

  1. Jonathan Ford Avatar
    Jonathan Ford

    First let me say… what gorgeous photography and what a beautiful keepsake immortalizing that sacred space at Cocomo. Therapeutic Psychedelics have been life changing in my journey of recovery from spiritual trauma and invaluable in my journey of self discovery and awareness. Few people in the world understood my plight the way that you did. The insight that I found in “The Quest” were life giving and liberating not to mention educational as I learned more and more about the power of natural medicines. Congratulations on this wonderful feature article and thank you for your investment in bringing an ancient treasure to a modern age. I admire your vision, generosity, and unbridled kindness. Much love, my dear friend.

    1. Randy Avatar

      Wow, Jonathan. I cannot imagine more gracious and encouraging words. And I’m so grateful for the healing that psychedelics has provided for you. A fellow trauma survivor and friend.

  2. Doris Dennison Burns Avatar
    Doris Dennison Burns

    I’ve know Randy since he was a college student. His curiosity, intellect, sensitivity and desire to help others shown in him in those days. Randy is a valued friend.

    1. randy Avatar

      Thanks so much, Doris! Your words mean the world to me. You and Jim are precious to me!