My Latest Watercolor: “Lady of Corbenic”

“Lady of Corbenic”

17″ x 28″ Handmade Watercolor Paper and Graphite

For many years Lancelot drifted in a mysterious boat, in self-exile out on the open sea, and gradually his soul was lightened by the sweet foreshadowing of paradise, and his body nourished by nature. At last, in solitude, Lancelot found himself carried to a shore where the sea washed up to the lost Castle of Corbenic — that very place he feared he would never find. From within came the most exquisite strains of music; the door opened and he gazed into a room flooded with golden light. Within its center, he glimpsed a vision of the beautiful and strong Lady of Corbenic and of the Holy Grail. Only after much time on the Quest did Lancelot understand he had glimpsed himself.

The Quest for the Holy Grail