Search for Best Sandwich Tampa Bay (#7)

Next! The seventh tasting is the Cucumber Sandwich at William Dean Chocolates’ Afternoon Tea. Gina joined me. It was a fifteen-minute drive to the restaurant. I have never had a cucumber sandwich, and in fact, I did not know there was such a thing. But it was delicious.

The William Dean Cucumber Sandwich Rating:

Bread – 8

Tender white sandwich bread, soft and delicious. The softness was a perfect complement to the crunch of the cucumber sandwich.

Ingredients – 8 

There were three ingredients. Sandwich bread, thinly sliced cucumber, and lemon dill cream cheese. Simply delicious. It took a while for the food and tea to come out. However, once again, the fresh, high-quality ingredients shine. It was my first time at William Dean’s Afternoon Tea, and it was a pleasant experience. 

Condiments – 7

The lemon dill cream cheese melded the simple sandwich together perfectly. The other sandwiches were also delicious, including my favorite, the curry chicken, and Gina loved the egg salad.

Service – 6

Our server was okay. It was not the professional manner I would normally associate with William Dean—one of the finest chocolatiers in the world. 

Presentation – 9

The presentation was stunning, and I would expect no less from William Dean. The combination of pastries, sandwiches, and sweets was perfect. the tea was also delicious and served in individual pots. 

Cost/Value – 8

The meal was so much we took a lot home. Yay! The afternoon tea ($25. each), was $50. not including tax and tip. It was definitely one of the most expensive meals yet in our search for the best sandwich, but it included much more than the cucumber sandwich.

Ambiance – 9 

The interior of William Dean is spotless, artistic, and beautiful. 

Final Rating: 7.86

Overall it is a perfectly crafted sandwich that truly melds in your mouth. However, I would have to say the cucumber sandwich, for my taste, was not one I see myself returning to. But the afternoon tea as a whole was delightful, and I would certainly do it again. Gina loved it!

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