Update on “The Quest: A Way To Enjoy The Second Half of Life” (My Latest Book)

After nine years of exhaustive research and leading seven live Quest experiences, I have finalized the structure and content for my latest book, The Quest: A Way To Enjoy The Second Half of Life. It is for adults 35 and older. Instead of traditional chapters, it is composed of ten waypoints to read in any order.
Imagine entering the destination “enjoyable life” into a GPS—the waypoints will help guide you there. I do not pretend it is THE way, but it is A way. The book includes revelations gleaned from my life-changing experiences with psychedelics and journaling my dreams daily for six months. The criteria for the ten waypoints were the topics that repeatedly recurred during my research. They are:
Stages of Life
Transitions of Life
Emotions (Affect)
Catharsis (Ritual)
There will also be an extensive resource section. The book is coming together fast now, and I am hoping for an early summer release. Stay tuned to my social networks (all are @randyelrod) or at randyelrod.com for updates. I am very excited and feel it is my most important work so far. #TheQuest #enjoylife