What One Word Would You Use To Describe Me?

Yes, I know this sounds like I’m fishing for compliments. I know it sounds vain. I know it seems gratuitous.

But that’s not why I’m asking. Really.

In the past nine years on this blog, I have used many words to describe myself.

Words such as dreamer, sensual, artist, sexual, reader, asshole, runner, driven, mentor, Type-A (is that one word or two?), speaker, fearful, thankful, American, blessed, arrogant, traveler, eccentric, singer, temperamental, writer, frail, human, and many more.

But today, I’m looking for one.

To the ones who know me personally, and to the ones who know me only virtually, what one word would you use to describe me.

I realize I’m opening up myself for all sorts of spam, but there is a method to this madness.

To explain now would render this exercise useless.

One word.

Just one word.

116 thoughts on “What One Word Would You Use To Describe Me?

  1. uninhibited …………and I’m sure it comes from knowing who God says you are! Once we know who we are…as defined by God, we are free to truly live…with no inhibitions! :)

  2. wow lot’s of great words. i’m in this mode in my life where i want to look for the perfect word to impress people and get a good response, well knowing you what little i do, that would be fake for me to try and do that. my webster’s search for the perfect word will impress absolutely nobody. But after reading the chapter House of Figs in Jesus Manifesto, i would have to say you are.


  3. Storyteller

    Hanging with you, talking with you, listening to you, watching you with your family whether in person or via social networks, seeing your passion…is better than most books I’ve ever read. Because you live your life ALIVE in every sense of the word, you become one of the best storytellers I’ve ever met. Thank you for taking us on your journey.
    love you.

  4. Randy, I’ve only been reading here for a couple of weeks so I haven’t formed a word for you, but I find it fascinating that with all of these comments there is only one repeat word that I saw (creative). Certainly some interesting and positive adjectives could be ascribed to you based solely on that.

          1. @Randy Elrod,

            Sure! If you take all the words listed and look for patterns in meaning you can boil them down to a few words that express the essence of what is listed. For instance, Michael Hyatt’s word “empathic” is actually a synthesis of a few of the other words (empathetic, creative, sensitive, etc.). He chose a word that embodied several key characteristics.

            Added to the synthesized descriptions are traits inferred by the diverse words used to describe you. That you got roughly 50 people to all use a different word to describe you has meaning all its own. I could surmise several things from this (though I can’t judge the accuracy of my conjecture).

            I could infer from such diversity that you are a leader, that you are strongly influential, complex, deep, intuitive, inspirational, and so on… (this list could be as long as the one made from these comments!) These words (if they are true) could also be added to the synthesis process to form core/essential descriptive words for your applecart.

            Depending on what your applecart is, of course. This may be totally useless! But I had fun thinking about it nonetheless.

  5. Salt…

    In the biblical sense. Forgive me for the copy and paste from wikipedia (shhh…..don’t tell my college colleagues). However, it explains it most succinctly and I think all the uses/metaphors of salt, as defined by the Bible, suit you.

    Exodus, Ezekiel, and Kings present salt as a purifying agent.

    Leviticus, Numbers, and Chronicles present it as a sign of God’s covenant. (Leviticus 2:13; Numbers 18:19.)

    An important ancient use of salt was as a preservative, and hence a common interpretation of the metaphor is as asserting the duty to preserve the purity of the world, but it was (and is) also an essential for human life, and can also be interpreted on that basis.

    In the Rabbinic literature of the period salt was a metaphor for wisdom.

    Salt itself, sodium chloride, is extremely stable and cannot lose its flavour, being salt of the earth implies that the audience, once having heard the message, will never lose their influence or importance. The words translated lost its flavour actually translate from the Greek as became foolish,[1] but the Aramaic for both phrases is the same,[1] and English language translators universally accept that the verse is talking about flavour rather than intelligence. Some scholars do however feel that this may be wordplay related to the Rabbinic use of salt as a metaphor for intelligence.

    So Randy, I think you are Salt. Make sense?

  6. nurturer.

    the last two years i’ve gotten to know you, both online and in person, watching you with others at recreate has been the most revealing to me. the way your excitement tips the scales when you see others create, dream, risk. then, you come along side them and become their biggest cheerleaders. i’ve seen you get so excited and overwhelmed with joy for others that you could do nothing but weep.

    randy…for me, growing up fatherless, people like you stand out in my world. you’re unique and special and rare in my eyes.

    to nurture others is to give them a great gift. not only does it inspire and instill courage-but it gives them the hope that others believe in them.

    you do that. and you do that well.

  7. Enabler – but not in the negative sense of the word. You are (by definition) are “One who helps something to happen; One that enables another to achieve an end” by sharing your vision, talent, compassion, creativity, and kindness (and all the other words people have listed above). Recreate is just a small portion of what you do, but it has done so much for so many over the years. I can only imagine what this year and future years will bring.

  8. Passion-Full

    I know that’s not an official word, but in so many areas you are filled to the brim with passion. The regular ol’ “passionate” didn’t seem to quite cut it.

  9. Convivial.

    This was one of my learn a new word everyday words from years ago and it has always stuck with me. I agree with all of the above, but if I were to really think about what I know about you from Lifework 2.0 and your blog I would say you are joyful, cheerful and full of life-Convivial.

  10. Whynot

    As I’ve gotten to know you over the last 5 years, learned more of your story and seen the core of who you are revealed, to me you are a whynot. Yes you’re a dreamer and a creative and some of those other words you’ve listed above but I think you’re whynotness trumps all of them.

    Seems like any situation, any possibility, any scenario you can dream up gets a whynot response from you – and you’ve got the bravery to make the whynot actually happen.

  11. Multifaceted


    You have been a mentor and encourager to me for years, and one reason is because of all of the many facets of what makes you “You.”

    If you look up the word you will find synonyms like able, accomplished, adaptable, conversant, gifted, handy, ingenuous, many-sided, ready, resourceful, skilled, skillful, talented, variable, varied.

    Sounds like Randy Elrod to me. ;-)


  12. conductor

    (my use includes all three definitions of word: 1) orchestral director, 2) mass transit people mover and 3) transmitter of heat/energy/sound)

  13. amiable – A word that easily describes you from your blogs and tweets.

    I was telling my dad (Dave Carrozza) about your blog and all you are doing. He was telling me how great (amiable) you were to be around when he worked with you.

    Also, some old friends (Tina DellaPia and Jamie Ray) from Indian Rocks were talking about you last time I was home. You were described as the “best worship pastor” we’ve ever had (but that is more than one word).

  14. Brother – Big Brother if I could use two words. I now know why so many people consider you their mentor.

  15. re:create 9 was fantastic…but not for what I had assumed it would be.
    I went there with Fred Mckinnon with not understanding what to expect.
    I had read your blog and had heard many talk about you but nothing clicked until you spoke.
    It was then, besides being wrecked by your talk, that I turned to fred and he turned to me and we both nodded.
    We said “I get it now…I get why Randy attracts people”
    Randy you have been through a ton of crap and a ton of good. yes you are an influencer and an artist, risktaker, trendsetter, and many many other words that end with er.
    Guess what I know tons of people like that. Sometimes I consider myself some of those “er” words.
    That Day I met a man though that I was completely shaken by.
    The reason is this. God gave you talents and giftings but the biggest gifting he Has given you is that you are a “clear window”
    I have met very few people that have radiated the grace of God like you do. That made more of an impression on me than anything.

    my words would then be:
    Man after God’s own heart

    and you create atmospheres where people can be creative and thus teach people how to shine the grace of god.

    So ultimately and long story short..and no smoke blowing here. ha ha!

    you are:

    MOONLIKE – you truly reflect the SON of God with no light of your own.

      1. @Randy Elrod,

        While in kiev, Ukraine doing missions work I met a man who walked into the apartment I was in and froze in the doorway. Keep in mind I was in that apartment for 1 day so far and invited him (assistant pastor) over for a housewarming dinner.
        He froze in doorway and said something was wrong.
        He then proceeded to walk into the doorway and into my bedroom. He went under the bed and pulled out a book on the occult.
        this was the first time He was in there and the Holy spirit directed him to it.

        There are certain people I point to in my life that I have come across that have inspired me more by the fact that they walk faithfully with God and are in tune with his spirit than by anything they could possibly do on there own.

        Those who truly reflect the Grace of God are people that we need to follow and we also need to hold their arms up for them like they did for moses because none of us are perfect.

        Authenticity is marvelous when it is a person passionately living out God’s grace without condemnation and actively busy working for the kingdom.

  16. Energy……..I really don’t know you other than what I read here and on Facebook and Twitter but I always think whenever I read your posts that I wish I had your energy and also your complete love for life…i

  17. Syntheziser

    It is the verb of synthesize – which as I see it means to make or form a synthesis – create something new by bringing together other parts.

    You bring together so many people and parts, in multiple ways, Online and offline, leaving us with new (improved) ways of thinking, acting and being.

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