Help Stop The Stoning of Sakineh in Iran Now!

As I casually perused this morning, an article titled “Global Protests Held Worldwide Against Iran Woman’s Execution by Stoning” jolted me from my Saturday reverie. You can read it HERE. Feeling profoundly moved to join the protest,  I Googled an image search of the words “stoning muslim women.” The pictures brought hot tears of horror to my face.

I began passionately painting a watercolor and below is what came from the shock and realization that murders like this still occur in our “modern” world. I thought, why not start a blog, Twitter,  and Facebook protest against the stoning of this very real person named Sakineh?

Will you please participate? CNN says that Iran has been known to stay an execution, when the protest is loud enough. If you would like to join me, please do so. If not, that is fine, I’m not trying to put you on a guilt trip.

But, I’ve spent my day off painting a watercolor in this effort, so will you take a few brief seconds and do a blog post, Twitter, or Facebook update to save Sakineh’s life??

You can simply copy and paste this post, or write your own. Please use the exact title so that we can be heard as one voice. You also have full permission to use the watercolor as your social network image, in your posts, and I have created Twibbons for your Facebook and Twitter profiles. (See below).

Twibbons for Facebook & Twitter



13 thoughts on “Help Stop The Stoning of Sakineh in Iran Now!

  1. That is shocking.
    The paint says it all.
    You know I’m not on-line but I have another on-line tool: prayer. Will pray for this.

  2. Randy-

    It’s great to see you are so passionate about this subject and have a desire to see women treated with respect and dignity! There was a movie made about this topic called “The Stoning of Soraya M” which was produced by Steve McEveety (Braveheart, The Passion) and starred Jim Caviezel. They made the film with the goal of bringing awareness to the treatment of women in Iran. If you are interested in viewing you can rent it on NetFlix or here is the link to their website

    Take care,


    1. @Rebekah Weigel, Yes, I ran across the movie when I did the Google image search. I had never heard of it. Chapter 6 in my new book “Sacred Affection” details the mistreatment of women by religion. Thanks, Rebekah.

  3. Randy, Wonderful piece. I just added it to my own blog. Thanks for doing this and adding your passion via remarkable art.

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