EVERNOTE – Top Five iPhone Features

EVERNOTE: Eliminate clutter. Create a searchable memory. Engage your digital brain.

by Lauren Elrod (Twitter: @laurenelrod)

To recap my very first post about Evernote (which you can find here) Evernote is an amazing tool that synchronizes your life realtime on all your digital devices. Add a note to your iPhone Evernote app and it instantly syncs your desktop computer, online website, iPad and other digital devices.

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1. Camera – The fastest way to remember something is to snap a picture. Especially because Evernote makes the text searchable. This is very helpful for items such as books, wine labels and that pile of handwritten notes you’ve been wanting to trash.

2. Twitter – This is Evernote’s newest feature and nothing short of genius. Once you start following @MyEN and follow the instructions to link your accounts, all you have to do is mention @MyEN anywhere in your tweet and it will be sent straight to your default notebook.

Let’s say you see a tweet with an article or picture you don’t want to forget, just add @MyEN when you Retweet and BAM it has landed in your default notebook before you say hashtag. Not only does the note land straight into your default notebook, it has automatically stored the direct URL related to the tweet. See screenshots below:

This is how your @MyEN tweet will look when you’re viewing it in Evernote:










Then, click DETAILS (at the top left of the note’s title) and you will see the default notebook, wherein the note has been saved, as well as the direct URL to the @MyEN tweet:










Below is a great video from Evernote’s Library of Videos about using @MyEN:

3. Favorites – In your list of notebooks on Evernote for your iPhone, Evernote has automatically included a notebook entitled, Favorites. This way you can quickly access all the notes you have marked as a favorite. When you’re in a note, you can mark it as a favorite by clicking the star to the right of the note’s title (See screenshot below). This proves to be really handy when I need to find driving directions that I’ve saved or when I’m at the grocery store and need to quickly access the ingredients of my favorite recipe.










4. Email – When you sign up for Evernote you’re assigned an Evernote Email address. If you don’t know what it is, go to the settings on your Evernote iPhone and click “Evernote Email Address”










If you receive an email that has information you want to save, simply forward the email to your Evernote email address and it will land in your default notebook.

5. Wireless Sync – Again, a no-brainer, the simple fact that it wirelessly syncs with all my other devices while I am working never ceases to amaze me! I can create a note on my iphone, by tweeting @MyEN or by forwarding an email and immediately have access it on my Desktop or iPad no matter where I am.

Below is another great video from Evernote’s Library of Videos providing a quick overview of Evernote for the iPhone:

What are your favorite Evernote iPhone features?

Which Evernote platform do you find yourself using the most?

Check back tomorrow for my Top Five iPadFeatures for Evernote.

*Please Note: all posts having to do with Evernote are based on the free Mac version offered at www.evernote.com or in the app store.

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8 responses to “EVERNOTE – Top Five iPhone Features”

  1.  Avatar

    I had started to experiment with EN a few weeks ago, but set it aside.

    Because of this series (which I was late in reading) I’m picking it up again.

    Puzzled, though.

    So far I’ve looked in vain for an EN button to clip this post!


    1. lelrod Avatar

      Hi Chas!

      It’s great to hear that you’re giving Evernote a second try!

      As far as the Evernote clipper – it may be something you choose in your preferences to display on your menu bar. I apologize for not clarifying that process. I’m not at my Mac right now, but as soon as can get to it I will comment again with instructions.

      Happy Evernote-ing!

      1. Chasflemming Avatar


        If you look on this blog, at the bottom of each post you can see a little Evernote button. I put that there so my readers don’t have to have downloaded the browser plug-in.


        1. lelrod Avatar

          Love it! That is so helpful! Where did you find the button – or is this something you created?

          Great idea regardless!

          1. Chasflemming Avatar

            I looked here for information on getting a button into a site:


            My blog is built on WordPress (Standard Theme), so I used WP Evernote Site Memory from Slocum Design Studio:


            1. lelrod Avatar

              Great!! Thanks so much for the information!

  2. Michael Raburn Avatar

    This is really useful. I had fiddled with EN for a while, but could not establish it into my workflow. Mostly because it involved going to another program all the time. These tips on how to send stuff to EN from the programs and devices I’m using makes it work very well.

    In three days, my literal desktop and Mac desktop are clean! I had notes for my blog that were almost missing, but now they are safe in my EN and ready to be worked into posts. Thanks so much.

    One thing I would add is the Chrome plugin for EN. It works well too.

    1. lelrod Avatar

      Hey Michael,

      I’m so glad these tips have been useful! I am so impressed with the twitter and email feature – talk about streamlining!

      You’re the second person to mention the Chrome plug-in – I’m definitely going to check that out soon!

      Thanks for joining the conversation,