EVERNOTE – Top Five Uses For Evernote

EVERNOTE: Eliminate clutter. Create a searchable memory. Engage your digital brain.

by Lauren Elrod (Twitter: @laurenelrod)

To recap my very first post about Evernote (which you can find here) Evernote is an amazing tool that synchronizes your life realtime on all your digital devices. Add a note to your iPhone Evernote app and it instantly syncs your desktop computer, online website, iPad and other digital devices.

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Throughout the week I’ve given you reasons for WHY to use Evernote. Now, I’m giving you examples of HOW to utilize Evernote. The following Top Five Uses For Evernote are taken from how I find myself utilizing Evernote on a daily basis.


1. Food – This one is for you my fellow foodies… You can remember everything from favorite restaurants and servers to request, to recipes with pictures and links to their source. I’ve found I use Evernote the most for food-related notes. Evernote offers great way to share your favorite recipes and even compile a custom wine log.

2. Travel – Devoting a notebook entirely to your next vacation ensures smooth sailing. You will have quick easy access to everything from flight numbers and hotel confirmations to itineraries and directions. Not only will you have this information right in your pocket, you can instantly send it to someone at home should the need arise. Oh, and while you’re sailing those smooth seas, don’t forget to drop a pin on all the notes you create for search reference in the future.

3. Ideas – With the Evernote email address and the new @MyEN twitter, I can zip my ideas straight into my Evernote without having to stop and open the app. So now I can safely store every one of those bright idea bulbs that pops on over my head before they blow their fuse.

4. Projects – Like Travel, notebooks are a great way to organize a project. From writing a book to teaching a class you can neatly sift through all your notes, references and illustrations. This is great for hands-on projects as well – Evernote uses Building a House as the example in their Intro to Evernote video.

5. Lists – The checklist feature makes lists a no-brainer. I mean, what feels better than checking off a to-do list? My absolute favorite way to use the checklist feature is for groceries. I use my Evernote for desktop to type and categorize my grocery list at home, then when I get to the store all I have to do is pull out my phone. So much easier than trying to push a cart while managing a notebook and pen.

Well, I hope you’ve enjoyed this week of Evernote posts!

In what way do you most use Evernote?

Did I miss anything this week?

*Please Note: all posts having to do with Evernote are based on the free Mac version offered at www.evernote.com or in the app store.

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14 responses to “EVERNOTE – Top Five Uses For Evernote”

  1. Steve Riker Avatar

    One thing that I’ve used Evernote for is to keep track of things for my kids. My younger three do not have their own email address yest, so I have a folder for each one of them, and as I gallop around the web, I save different things there for them. Pictures, craft projects, simple recipes, or potential heroes all go there so I can share it with them, later. Thanks for the great post. God bless!

  2. Esthernederpel Avatar

    Thank you for your Evernote Posts. I also use it for remembering gifts I’d like to give someone or get myself. How many times have you been somewhere and thought “That would be great to give …” now you only have to take a picture and put it in Evernote!

  3. @kylereed Avatar

    I use it for code.

    Any time I come across a piece of code that I want to remember or I wrote I will use my evernote chrome clip to remember it.

    The same can be said for tutorials as well and resources that I find from the web.

    1. lelrod Avatar

      That is a great idea – and one I’ve not heard before. Love it!

  4. Alece Avatar

    i’ve loved all your tips and tricks, lauren! i’ve been using evernote more than ever this week… thanks to you!

    1. lelrod Avatar

      That’s so great to hear!

  5. Kim Bontrager Avatar

    thanks for all your tips & ideas. have used evernote for a while, but love hearing new ideas. Have to say… I’m totally committed to my Grocery IQ app for grocery lists, though. :)

    1. lelrod Avatar

      Absolutely! I’ll have to check out the Grocery IQ app!

  6. Brad Farris Avatar

    I’ve become a HUGE Evernote fan myself. My top uses are List Management, Research, and Meeting Notes. You can check out my how to at http://www.bradfarris.com/using-evernote-review

    Thanks for your nice intro!


    1. lelrod Avatar

      That’s great Brad! It was my pleasure :)

  7. Tom Avatar

    Great post…. I use it for lecture/teaching notes/ideas/collecting resources. Truly one of my fav apps!

    1. lelrod Avatar

      Thanks Tom!

      Great to hear!


  8. randyelrod Avatar


    Thanks for blogging for me this week as I unplugged and enjoyed the re:create Cruise. The posts are fascinating and informative!

    I am a newcomer to Evernote and my favorite thing is recording new blog ideas.

    I love that it puts all my scattered dreams and thoughts in one place AND syncs them!


    1. lelrod Avatar

      It was truly a pleasure! I am so glad I was able to provide helpful tips and even inspire people to give Evernote a second try.